Saturday, May 1, 2010

Your opinion wanted

In my travels through out the World Wide Web I come across various posts that produce a strong reaction from me.  I try to visit other bloggers blogs to see what they are talking about, I read their posts to see what they are thinking about books  and other passions that they may have.  I feel that this will make me a better blogger and yes it does take time away from  my reading time but I feel it is worth it.  I also visit authors sites to learn more about them. 

While visiting an authors site I came across a statement they made that their time is spent honeing their craft and that although they go to book stores and browse through the latest releases reading is time consuming and they felt their time spent better elsewhere.  I was taken aback by this statement. 

I have always heard that a good author is one who reads as well as writes. 

Any opinions?      


  1. I am with you Mindy! I believe the same can be said for any profession. You cannot expect to grow or improve without experiencing and being exposed to others.

  2. I totally agree. I would think authors to love reading just as much as writing because what's the point of writing then? Also if they did feel this way, why would they put it on their website where readers will read it? I just don't think it makes any sense but thank you so much for this wonderful post.

  3. I agree with you - you would think that all authors love to read. Otherwise, why write? They obviously wouldn't be very successful if we all felt that way about reading, they would be jobless. I wish that I could write - alas I will forever be a consumer of books and not a producer.

  4. I was only reading an interview this morning with an author on and she listed her favourite authors. I do think a good author would/should read other books... it seems mad not to!


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