Sunday, February 7, 2010

Face of Betrayal by Lis Wiehl

Katie Converse disappears while taking her dog for a walk.  Enter the Triple Threat Club, Allison a Federal Prosecutor, Cassidy a tv reporter and Nicole a FBI special agent.  Allison is a Christian and relies on her faith to help her through the bad times, Nicole doesn't really believe in anything and Cassidy is into whatever is hot at the moment.
As they start to investigate the disappearance of Katie each one of them have other things going on in their lives, Allison is getting threats from someone but who could it be out of all the people who she has sent away to prison and their families, Nicole is on a special task force to catch online predators of pedophiles, and Cassidy has started a new relationship and is trying to work her way up the ladder in the competitve world of tv news.
This book was good in the fact that it did keep me guessing to the very end about who was responsible for the mystery surrounding Katie.  Several other subplots I thought where wrapped up a bit to tidyly and a bit to quickly like the author forgot that she had these other plots going and then at the end thought "oh Yeah we have to tie up these loose ends".  The book was compared to the Women's Murder Club series by James Patterson.  I don't think this was as good as those but I was very entertained and will probably read the next in the series Hand of Fate when it come out in April. 
I would recommend this book if you like thrillers and mysteries.  I read this book as part of BookSneeze the program from Thomas Nelson for Bloggers.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Secret by Beverly Lewis

If you like books that deal with Amish then you will enjoy most books by Beverly Lewis.  This book is no exception.  Grace is hoping that her beau will ask her to marry him soon.  She is older than most girls at this stage of the game.  Her mother has been acting mighty strange lately and her Grandmother and Grandfather have been kinda secretive.  Heather is a young woman who has just found out some devasting news both about her health and her fiance.  This is part of a series and is continued in The Missing.