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Audio book of the Week - Praying God's Word by Beth Moore

Praying God's Word: Breaking Free from Spiritual Strongholds Parying God's Word by Beth Moore
narrated by Cynthia Holloway

 Popular speaker and bestselling author Beth Moore writes that one of the purposes of Praying God's Word: Breaking Free from Spiritual Strongholds is to help readers "downsize anything that has a hold on you," including pride, addiction, depression, and lack of forgiveness. This is no name-it-and-claim-it book; rather, it's a thoughtful guide for structured prayer, using the Bible as the framework to build upon. She invites readers to demolish their particular strongholds with "two sticks of dynamite: scripture and prayer," and gives both those new to prayer and seasoned prayer veterans the ability to do so. Chapters are arranged topically, and there are blank pages included for personalized prayers on each subject. To emphasize her points, Moore also scatters nuggets of wisdom throughout the text from writers such as Jim Cymbala, Kay Arthur, Charles Spurgeon, and Francis Frangipane. Even when the "stronghold" has been demolished, Moore urges readers to continue to pray God's Word for general maintenance purposes. It's a message that has found a tremendous amount of resonance with readers for its life-changing potential. --Cindy Crosby

My Take:
I absolutely love Beth Moore.  I have done several of her Bible studies, watched her on TV, listened to cds and books by her.  all of the books that I have listened to by her up until this one she had read herself.  I think that I prefer it that way.  Not that the narrator of this book did a bad job, quite the opposite in fact, but because I just love the personal element that this adds to the book. 

Thtis book is about using God's word as a starting point for our prayers.  It gives several strongholds and then proceeds to tell you how to pray.  I think this would be great if it was read.  Not so much as an audio.  I feel I would have gotten more from the subject matter if I had read the book other that listen to it. 

The audio was good and the narrator does a great job, but because of the subject matter I feel it would be bettter read.    

I listened to this from my personal library.

Book Spotlight - The Tea Party goes to Washington by Rand Paul

The Tea Party Goes to Washington The Tea Party Goes to Washington by Rand Paul

If the midterm elections were a declaration of war on the status quo, Rand Paul leads the battle charge. Voters fearful of growing government and debt have found voice in the Tea Party phenomenon and the movement continues to deliver a message that Washington, D.C. has found impossible to ignore.

In THE TEA PARTY GOES TO WASHINGTON, the newly elected senator and self-described "constitutional conservative" explains why his party has to stand by its limited government rhetoric and why the federal government must be stuffed back into its constitutional box. Given the problems our nation faces, these are not mere suggestions, but moral imperatives.

Rand Paul and those who voted for him want to stop borrowing, end the bailouts, and entitlements and the spending. In THE TEA PARTY GOES TO WASHINGTON you'll learn:

  • The history of the Tea Party and why it isn't "extreme"
  • How both parties operate outside the Constitution
  • Rand's plan for a balanced budget
  • Why the Tea Party will endureNow is the time to get America back on track— this is the moment of the new revolution that will take us back to our grass roots, to the country of our founding fathers.

    It's a new day in Washington— as the Tea Party graduates from populist outrage to political influence, Rand Paul stands poised to become one of its greatest champions.

Book Spotlight - My One and Only by Kristin Higgins

My One and Only (Hqn)
My One and Only by Kristin Higgins

Divorce attorney Harper James can't catch a break. Bad enough that she runs into her ex-hubby, Nick, at her sister's destination wedding, but now, by a cruel twist of fate, she's being forced to make a cross-country road trip with him. And her almost-fiancé back at home is not likely to be sympathetic. Harper can't help that Nick has come blazing back into her life in all of his frustratingly appealing, gorgeous architect glory. But in Nick's eyes, Harper's always been the one. If they can only get it right this time, forever might be waiting -- just around the bend

Murder takes the Cake by Gayle Trent

Murder Takes the Cake: A Daphne Martin Cake Mystery (Daphne Reynolds Cake Mysteries) Murder Takes the Cake by Gayle Trent

Cozy murder mystery. When the meanest gossip in Brea Ridge dies mysteriously, suspicions turn to cake decorator Daphne Martin. But all Daphne did was deliver a spice cake with cream cheese frosting--and find Yodel's body. Now Daphne's got to help solve the murder and clear her good name. Problem is, her Virginia hometown is brimming with people who had good reason to kill Yodel, and Daphne's whole family is among them.

My Take:
I have found myself another good series.  As if I didn't have enough to follow.  This series follows Daphne Martin ,who after being shot at by her husband and going through the trial to have him put away,  has come to live in the small town that her sister lives in and start a cake decorationg business.  She takes a cake to Yodel Watson and discovers her body.  As she starts to track down who could have possibly done this horrible thing she discovers some things about her family that she has a hard time coming to grips with. 

I will looking into getting the next in this series Dead Pan.

I recommend this if you like cozy mysteries. 

I received a copy of this book from tha publisher for review. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Imagination Station:Attack at the Arena by Marianne Hering and Paul McCusker

Attack at the Arena (AIO Imagination Station Books) Attack at the Arena by Marianne Hering and Paul McCusker

From Publisher:
Patrick and Beth learn that Mr. Whittaker’s fancy ring can be seen inside the Imagination Station but not outside of the machine. A mysterious letter leads the cousins to fifth-century Rome in search of a special cup that belongs to a monk. If found, the cup could keep the mysterious Albert out of prison.

At the Roman Colosseum, Emperor Honorius is hosting a gladiator battle in celebration of a war victory. Beth attends the event as the emperor’s slave; Patrick attends as a monk’s apprentice but is taken prisoner and sent to fight in the arena. During their adventure, the cousins meet Telemachus (a true historical figure), a monk who believes that fighting is wrong. Telemachus is willing to risk everything—even his life—to stop the killing. When the cousins return with the cup, they find that a third letter has been sent with more information about Albert’s fate.
My Take:
When my children were young they loved listening to Adventures in Odyssey.  My 15 Year old still likes to listen to the cds we have.  I like to download them onto my mp3 player and escape to Odyssey every once in awhile.  My Husband will listen on the radio occasionally.  When I was given the chance to read a book from the new series about Mr. Whitaker's invention The Imagination Station (from Tyndale) I was thrilled.
These books are geared toward children ages 7 and up , about a second grade reading level.  This book is the second in series and I would highly recommend starting with the first book.  This book is enjoyable by itself  but there are some things that happen in the first book that I would have liked to have known about.  
Patrick and Beth travel back to ancient Rome in order to get a special cup.  They get separated and Patrick ends up traveling with a monk Telemachus and Beth ends up as the bird keeper for the emperor.  This book is filled excitement and will keep the beginning reader turning the pages till the very end.    

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Book Spotlight - Night Road by Kristin Hannah

Night Road
Night Road by Kristin Hannah

For eighteen years, Jude Farraday has put her children’s needs above her own, and it shows — her twins, Mia and Zach, are bright and happy teenagers. When Lexi Baill moves into their small, close-knit community, no one is more welcoming than Jude. Lexi, a former foster child with a dark past, quickly becomes Mia’s best friend. Then Zach falls in love with Lexi and the three become inseparable.

Jude does everything to keep her kids on track for college and out of harm’s way. It has always been easy — until senior year of high school. Suddenly she is at a loss. Nothing feels safe anymore; every time Mia and Zach leave the house, she worries about them.

On a hot summer’s night her worst fears are realized. One decision will change the course of their lives. In the blink of an eye, the Farraday family will be torn apart and Lexi will lose everything. In the years that follow, each must face the consequences of that single night and find a way to forget... or the courage to forgive.

Vivid, universal, and emotionally complex, Night Road raises profound questions about motherhood, identity, love, and forgiveness. It is a luminous, heartbreaking novel that captures both the exquisite pain of loss and the stunning power of hope. This is Kristin Hannah at her very best, telling an unforgettable story about the longing for family, the resilience of the human heart, and the courage it takes to forgive the people we love.

The Ice Princess by Camilla Lackberg

The Ice Princess: A Novel
The Ice Princess by Camilla Lackberg

The American debut of internationally bestselling Swedish writer Camilla Lackberg’s haunting first novel. Returning to her hometown of Fjallbacka after the funeral of her parents, writer Erica Falck finds a community on the brink of tragedy. The death of her childhood friend, Alex, is just the beginning. Her wrists slashed, her body frozen in an ice-cold bath, it seems that she has taken her own life.

Erica conceives a book about the beautiful but remote Alex, one that will answer questions about their own shared past. While her interest grows into an obsession, local detective Patrik Hedstrom is following his own suspicions about the case. But it is only when they start working together that the truth begins to emerge about a small town with a deeply disturbing past.

About the Author

Camilla Läckberg's novels have all become #1 bestsellers in Sweden. Her thriller The Ice Princess, winner of the Grand Prix de Littérature Policière for Best International Crime Novel, has been published in over twenty-five countries. She lives in Stockholm.

My Take:
I haven't read much Scandanavian literature.  I have read Liza Marklund (liked her book with James Patterson better than the stand alone I read) and I have Stieg Larsson in my TBR mountain. 

This book was just okay for me.  I did like the mystery and and the suspense of the the overall story but for some reason the delivery of the whole package just left me wanting more.  Erica is a likeable character and I found myself wondering as she did about the secrets that are uncovered. 
The mystery suspense is one that will keep you guessing but for some reason that I just can't put my finger on it was lacking something. 

I would be interested in reading more by this author just to see if maybe it was the translation that is the problem. 

I would say that this book is worth giving a try.  It is a nice way to spend a weekend. 

For more information about the book and to read the first chapter please visit the website

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It's Monday What are You Reading?

It's Monday What are You Reading?  is hosted by Sheila over at BookJourney. Head on over there and see what everyone is reading for this week. 

I finally got my technical issues figured out.  After we got the internet fixed then our wireless went so we had to get a new router. 

Due to work commitments and personal issues I have not gotten alot read. 

On the blog this week:
Review of
The Ice Princess: A Novel
The Ice Princess by Camilia Lackberg

Review of
Attack at the Arena (AIO Imagination Station Books)
Imagination Station: Attack at the Arena by Paul McCusker and Marianne Hering

Review of

Murder Takes the Cake: A Daphne Martin Cake Mystery
Murder Takes the Cake by Gail Trent

Audio Book of the Week

Praying God's Word: Breaking Free from Spiritual Strongholds
Praying God's Word by Beth Moore

Currently Reading:




NIV Audio Bible Dramatized CD
NIV Audio Bible Dramatized

"F" is for Fugitive (Kinsey Millhone Mysteries)
F is for Fugitive by Sue Grafton

Alone: A Novel of Suspense
Alone by Lisa Gardner


Strings Attached
Strings Attached by Judy Blundell

The Face of God
The Face of God by Bill Myers

Coming Up:

A Cowboy's Touch (A Big Sky Romance)
A Cowboy's Touch by Denise Hunter

The Journey (Kentucky Brothers)
The Journey by Wanda Brunsetter

What's on your reading Horizon?

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Deed So by Kath Russell

 Thanks to my hubby for  setting me up with a mobile hotspot on my phone I can post again.  I will only be doing a few until we get the issue with our cable internet fixed. 

About Kath Russell

Kath Russell enjoyed over thirty-five years in marketing and communications management in the biotechnology industry. She was an executive with one of the first genetic engineering companies. Russell also was president of Russell-Welsh Strategic Life Science Communications, Inc., and founder and chief executive officer of an ecommerce company offering services for mature companion animals and veterinarians. Russell received her bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University, her master’s degree in journalism from Boston University, her master’s of business administration from the Kellogg School of Management, and earned her certificate in creative writing from the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program.

To find out more about Kath or to learn more about Deed So visit

About Deed So

Deed So

Welcome to 1962, one year before the world would witness President John F. Kennedy assassinated, and a time before civil rights, women’s rights, and the Vietnam War changed everything. Deed So by Katharine Russell chronicles the coming-of-age of brainy twelve-year-old Haddie Bashford, a sensitive young girl who wants nothing more than to leave the close-minded world of her home in Wicomico Corners. When Haddie witnesses the killing of a black teen by a down-on-his-luck white farmer, her family becomes embroiled in a web of hatred that threatens to engulf the whole town. Tempers flare and prejudice heats to a boiling point, even as Haddie struggles to fully comprehend what is going on, especially the dark consequences within her own family. When the murder case goes to trial, neighbor is pitted against neighbor, and the violence escalates to a dangerous level. As the case drags on, arson erupts, paralyzing the community. Can the town—and Haddie—survive?

Intertwining the major themes of struggle, equality, loyalty, and love that defined a generation, Deed So is a provocative snapshot of a tense time in history. Filled with larger-than-life characters, pitch perfect dialogue, and a wonderful sense of history, Deed So is as moving as it is thrilling. Haunting, edgy, and thought-provoking, this is a perfect read for fans of To Kill a Mockingbird or Nicholas Sparks.

Head over to the tour page to read the first two chapters of the book.

My take:  I seems to be reading alot about the 1960's lately.  This book like the other one I am reading deals alot with the racial tensions that occured durin that time.  Haddie is the main character.  She is described as being 12 but she seemed alot older through out the book. 
This book also deals with the Vietnam War and how alot of the soldiers felt after they returned from the war.
This story is good on so many levels.  In the story of what happens when a white man kills a black man, In what is happening in Haddie's family,  Haddie's feelings about her town and her wanting to get away. 
I would highloy recommend this book especially if you are interested in the civil rights movement and what happened in the 60's. 

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Due to technical difficulties I will not be able to post till next Fri

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Semper Cool by Barry Fixler

Semper Cool: One Marine's Fond Memories of Vietnam Semper Cool by Barry Fixler

Semper Cool is the wrenching, sometimes hilarious and always thought-provoking true story of a mischievous teenager who enlists in the U.S. Marine Corps seeking adventure and his father's approval and finds both, plus more danger than he ever could have imagined. With its vivid imagery, Semper Cool thrusts readers into a grunt's-eye view of the blood, guts, tears and laughter of war, as told by a Marine who returned home a man and a patriot. Be prepared to laugh and cry and ultimately thank God for the men and women willing to risk their lives for the freedoms that so many Americans enjoy.

My Take:  I found this book very easy to read.  I have always been fascinated by the motivations for people to do and join certain things or organizations.  Barry joined the Marines because his dad was always in awe of them. Straight out of high school.  Barry enlisted and didn't tell his parents he was going to boot camp until the night before he was to leave.  I laughed and grimaced as Barry described his boot camp experience.

The Whole book is told with a frankness that is refreshing.  Barry doesn't try to hide the gruesomeness of the war but he doesn't make it out to be all terrible either.  He was one of the lucky ones that made it back home without any noticable scars.  The point of the book is to honor those that fight for our way of life and our freedom, something I think we take way to much for granted. 

This book is definately worth picking up.  Even if you are not that interested in books about war or the military this book is so much more than that. 

You can visit his website here,

He has set up a foundation for wounded combat soldiers from Iraq an Afghanistan.  All of the proceeds from Semper Cool will go toward this foundation. 

I received a copy of the book for review purposes.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What the Heart Sees by Kathleen Fuller

What the Heart Sees: A Collection of Amish Romances What the Heart Sees by Kathleen Fuller


Together for the first time, three Amish romances from Kathleen Fuller.

"A Miracle for Miriam" from An Amish Christmas

Miriam fell for Seth, but he broke her heart. Years later, after he's nearly killed in an accident, Miriam sees him at a Christmas party and notices something is different about him-not just how he looks, but how he acts. When Seth pursues her, she must decide whether to guard her heart or accept his love.

"A Place of His Own" from An Amish Gathering

When Josiah left Paradise the first time, he didn't even say good-bye. Now he's back, ten years later, and he's changed. Why is he so distant and bitter? Where is the boy who used to be Amanda's best friend? Amanda is learning that there are things even a capable Amish girl can't fix. But can she stand there and watch him walk away...again?

"What the Heart Sees" from An Amish Love

A tragic accident rocks a peaceful Amish community, leaving Ellie Chupp blinded and Christopher Bender's future shattered. But they find love and forgiveness in a place they least expect.

My Take:

This book is really Three novellas.  Each one has a tragedy that occurs and effects several of the Amish in the story.

My favorite one of the novellas was the first one in the book, A Miracle for Miriam.  Miriam had a crush on Seth when they were in school but he crushed her heart when he found out about it.  Fast forward several years.  Miriam is not inclined to let herself be vulnerable again.  But Seth has come back into the picture and he has had some dramatic changes.  Will she let herself have those feelings again?

This book is perfect for  any one who likes Amish Fiction.  Each story is long enough that they could be easily read in a few hours.  Good stories and characters.

I received a review copy of this book from BookSneeze.

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First Chapter Peak and Minnie Review of The Key to the Kingdom by Jeff Dixon

It is time for a FIRST Wild Card Tour book review! If you wish to join the FIRST blog alliance, just click the button. We are a group of reviewers who tour Christian books. A Wild Card post includes a brief bio of the author and a full chapter from each book toured. The reason it is called a FIRST Wild Card Tour is that you never know if the book will be fiction, non~fiction, for young, or for old...or for somewhere in between! Enjoy your free peek into the book!

You never know when I might play a wild card on you!

Today's Wild Card author is:

Jeff Dixon

and the book:

The Key to the Kingdom: Unlocking Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Deep River Books (December 1, 2010))

***Special thanks to Arielle Roper of Bring It On! Communications for sending me a review copy.***


Jeff Dixon was raised in Florida and has always been fascinated with the man Walt Disney and the theme park he created. Dixon feels that any guest who would take the time to look would discover a story that will never be completed. It is against this canvas that Dixon paints this mystery, adventure, and thriller.

Visit the author's website.


Grayson Hawkes learns how imaginative and elaborate Walt Disney World is when he accepts an invitation from a trusted friend landing him in a world he never knew existed. Suddenly unraveling a perplexing puzzle and trying to solve a mysterious disappearance, Hawkes navigates through the kingdom where knowledge of seemingly unimportant Disney facts and some divine help are the only way he can discover the answers and get out. In this world Disney trivia is no game…And the ancient key is the only way out.

Soon the lines between right and wrong begin to blur, and telling the difference between real and unreal become nearly impossible. Loyalty to faith, family and friends are stretched to the extreme in the pulse quickening adventure through a magical place where dreams really do come true.

To See video by the author go here 

To see the Book Trailer go here

Product Details:

List Price: $15.99

Paperback: 272 pages

Publisher: Deep River Books (December 1, 2010)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1935265245

ISBN-13: 978-1935265245


Day One


Halogen headlamps pierced the darkness of the cool central Florida night. The GPS guided the Mustang surging toward the coastal community of Port Orange. Racing along Taylor Road, Dr. Grayson Hawkes approached an unknown destination. Questions swirled in the tornado of curiosity whipping through the preacher’s mind. The glow of the dashboard light illuminated the business card propped against the gearshift; “1819 Taylor Road, Port Orange” had been neatly printed in blue ink. Flipping the card he read the name on the other side.

Farren Rales

Imagineering Ambassador

Walt Disney Company

Reading the name of his dear friend brought a slight smile to his face. Rales had been hired by the late Walt Disney himself as an animator at the Walt Disney Studios on Rales’s thirtieth birthday. In the years that followed he had worked on animated features, been involved in projects at Disneyland, and eventually became a part of that exclusive group of creative Walt Disney Company designers known as Imagineers. Rales was part Disney historian, part Disney philosopher, and a modern day keeper of the dream that Walt himself had begun.

Farren Rales had given him the business card with an invitation to meet the old Imagineer at ten o’clock this evening. The GPS announced a turn seconds before an inconspicuous dirt road veered to the right. Hawk responded sluggishly and shot past it. He instantly banked his ride into a U-turn that corrected his course. Slowly navigating the heavily wooded, chassis-jarring dirt road, he watched for signage. The headlights threw a glow on a sign that read Gamble Place Parking with an arrow that pointed right. He turned the wheel. A gate immediately came into view, blocking forward progress. Hawk looked over the steering wheel trying to decide whether he had managed to bungle the directions and gotten hopelessly lost. With the car idling, he got out and walked to the gate. Grasping the chain that held the gate closed, he saw the lock had been secured to the chain, but the chain was not fastened. When he dropped the chain, the gate lazily swung open. Hawk slid back behind the wheel of the car and it crawled forward as the dirt became softer below the tires. The Mustang eased up to a parking barrier, above which the headlights shone on a yellow house trimmed in green.

Exiting the automobile, Hawk left the parking area and made his way toward the house. There was a display in front of the walkway to the house that probably explained where he was. The automatic timer for the headlamps clicked off, leaving him standing in darkness. Sensing his eyes would never adjust in the moonless night to read the display, he remembered a flashlight that was hopefully still in the trunk of the car. He retraced his steps. In addition to the soft sound of his shoe steps in the sand, Hawk thought he heard something else moving near him. He came to an abrupt halt. Rales? Listening closely, he now only heard the sounds of the outdoor evening. The trunk popped open, producing a blast of light that momentarily blinded him. He fumbled for the flashlight and flicked the switch. The beam shone strongly as he slammed the trunk shut. He again moved toward the house. Sweeping the beam around him, he saw a large historical marker looming in the dark, over his left shoulder. He refocused the attention of the light on this newly discovered sign.

Gamble Place

In 1898, James N. Gamble, of the Proctor and Gamble Company and a longtime winter resident of Daytona Beach, bought this land on Spruce Creek for use as a rural retreat. In 1907 he built a small cracker cottage with an open front porch and a breezeway connecting a separate kitchen and dining room . . . In 1938, Gamble’s son-in-law, Alfred K. Nippert, completed the “Snow White House,” a Black Forest style cottage inspired by the Disney animated film classic, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The house is surrounded by a Witch’s Hut, the Dwarfs’ Mine Shaft, and an elaborate network of rock gardens. Collectively these buildings and grounds form a historic landscape now known as Gamble Place. This property was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1993.

Obviously Rales had asked Hawk here because of the Disney connection. It had been a Disney connection that had started the friendship between the two men. Hawk had been introduced to Rales and asked the Imagineer if he would meet with him and his church staff to teach them the art of storytelling. The first meeting had gone so well it turned into a standing appointment each month. However this evening the invitation was for Hawk alone. Sighing deeply in an attempt to relax, Hawk listened closely and his ears tuned in to the sound of water gently playing along an unseen shoreline. The unexpected snap of a branch unleashed a wave of adrenaline spinning him in the direction of the noise. He peered into the blackness of the trees, searching for the maker of the sound, but heard nothing.

“Farren, is that you?” Hawk spoke with a bit more edge than he anticipated.

Silence confirmed Rales was not the source of the sound. “So when did you get so scared of the dark?” he muttered to himself. “And when did you start talking to yourself?”

Out of the corner of his vision he noticed a glimmer of light across the wooded darkness. With a bit of reservation he moved toward it. His shoes cracked sticks and crushed leaves, creating a symphony of sound that shattered the haunting noises of nature that had moments ago surrounded him. His flashlight began to dim. Shaking it violently he resurrected the brilliance of the beam, only to watch it fade into a momentary glow, and then disappear completely.

“Tremendous,” he said in frustration at the malfunctioning light. “Still talking to . . . and answering yourself.”

The point of light he had been moving toward disappeared as well. Pressing onward, he drew nearer to where it had been. Once again it appeared and this time looked brighter and stronger. Hawk’s trudging through the undergrowth yielded to softer ground as he heard a familiar voice cut quietly through the night.

“I began to think you weren’t going to make it.”

“I was starting to think you were playing a practical joke on me,” Hawk whispered back.

“Now, would I do that to you?” Rales laughed softly.

Hawk could now see much better as he approached the place where Rales stood. Farren had brought a lantern that illuminated the place he was standing and cast long shadows in multiple directions. Hawk descended the steps to join Rales on what appeared to be a recently created platform. The sound of the creek was closer and Hawk assumed they were now on the edge of the river. Rales was dressed in a pair of black slacks with a lightweight black windbreaker. Hawk did not miss the stealth attire and was getting ready to comment on it when Rales again spoke in a hushed tone.

“Any trouble finding the place?”

“I suppose not, since it’s out in the middle of nowhere!” Hawk decided to satisfy his curiosity. “And could you tell me why we’re whispering?”

“Didn’t you read the sign? We’re in a state park. It closed at dusk. We could get arrested for being here.”

“Then why didn’t we come here in the daylight?”

“Now, that wouldn’t be as much fun, would it?”

“Farren, we should clarify our definitions of fun.”

“Breaking into a state park is a story you’ll be able to tell for years!”

“I didn’t break in, the gate was unlocked.”

“So you opened it and drove on in.”

“You invited me.”

“Shhh,” Rales interrupted.

Hawk grew quiet and strained to hear sounds coming out of the darkness. He studied Rales’s tense features, trying to decide whether the old man was toying with him or was actually concerned that they might be caught after hours in the park. Rales’s face softened and he turned away from Hawk, letting his lantern shine toward a nearby wooden cottage that looked as if it had been plucked off of an animation cell from an antique piece of film. Hawk’s mouth opened slightly. Rales moved forward and panned the light across the front of this cottage that did not belong in this time or any other. It was recognizable as the cottage in the Black Forest of the classic cartoon Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Hawk’s eyes followed the movement of the lantern to the carved lintel and a stone trough. Rales moved toward the front door, fumbled with the handle, and then opened it. Looking back to Hawk, he motioned for him to follow him inside. Hawk entered, feeling like he was stepping into a fairy tale as Rales silently closed the door behind them.

The Key to the Kingdom: Unlocking Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom

© 2010 Jeff Dixon

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

My Minnie Take:  Aren't I Clever LOL.  Anyway because of all the Meetings I had at work last week I. wasn't able to finishe this book yet.  But what I have read I am enjoying.  I am a big Disney fan and I have been to Walt Disney world twice so I am finding it fascinately how the author is weaving in trivia and the sights and sounds of The resort into the book.  I will write a more full length review when I am finished.

It's Monday What are You Reading?

It's Monday What are You Reading is hosted by Sheila over at BookJourney. So head on over there and see what everyone else is reading this week. 

My week last week reading wise was pretty slim.  I had eight hour meetings for work 4 days last week plus I had my regulare work shift so that left little time for reading.  I did manage to post some reviews that I scheduled ahead of time. 

On the Blog Last Week:
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Zan-Gah: A Prehistoric Adventure
Zan-Gah by Allan Richard Shickman

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Code Triage
Code Triage by Candance Calvert

Review of
A Trail of Ink: The Third Chronicle of Hugh de Singleton, Surgeon (Hugh De Singleton 3)
Trail of Ink by Mel Starr

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Book Spotlight
Swept off Her Feet
Swept Off Her Feet by Hester Browne

Unfortunately I didn't get around to posting anything for audio last week.

On the Blog this week:

First Chapter Peak and Minnie Review (Minnie is spelled that way on purpose) 
The Key To The Kingdom
Key to the Kingdome by Jeff Dixon

Review of 
What the Heart Sees: A Collection of Amish Romances
What the Heart Sees by Kathleen Fuller

Review and Guest post
Semper Cool: One Marine's Fond Memories of Vietnam
Semper Cool by Barry Fixler

Audio book of the Week:
Tick Tock (Michael Bennett)
Tick Tock by James Patterson

Book Spotlight
Toys by James Patterson and Neil MacMahon

First Chapter Peak
Handle With Prayer
Handle with Prayer by Charles Stanley

Currently Reading:
Classic Children's Books: 8 Anne of Green Gables (Anne Shirley) books (Samizdat Edition with Active Table of Contents), improved 2/7/2011
Anne of Green Gables Bundle  currently reading the first book

The Final Alice
The Final Alice by Alycia Ripley (had to convert from pdf.  type very small so slow going)

NIV Audio Bible Dramatized CD
NIV Audio Bible Dramatized

 The Eyes of the Dragon
The Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King

Started :
The Help
The Help by Kathryn Stockett

Still Listening to:
"F" is for Fugitive (Kinsey Millhone Mysteries)
F is for Fugitive by Sue Grafton

The Survivor. by Sean Slater
The Survivor by Sean Slater

Radio Shangri-La: What I Learned in Bhutan, the Happiest Kingdom on Earth
Radio Shangri-La by Lisa Naapoli

Coming Up:
The Land of Painted Caves: A Novel (Earth's Children)
The Land of Painted Caves by Jean Auel

No Safe Haven
No Safe Haven by Kinberly and Kayla Woodhouse

The Ice Princess: A Novel
The Ice Princess by Camilla Lackberg

Night Road
Night Road by Kristin Hannah

My One and Only (Hqn)
My One and Only by Kristan Higgins

The Tea Party Goes to Washington
The Tea Party goes to Washington by Rand Paul

Murder Takes The Cake
Murder Takes the Cake by Gayle Trent

Lilly's Wedding Quilt (A Patch of Heaven Novel)
Liliy's Wedding Quilt by Kelly Long

Heart of Ice (A Triple Threat Novel)
Heart of Ice by Lis Wiehl

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