Thursday, March 31, 2011

Murder takes the Cake by Gayle Trent

Murder Takes the Cake: A Daphne Martin Cake Mystery (Daphne Reynolds Cake Mysteries) Murder Takes the Cake by Gayle Trent

Cozy murder mystery. When the meanest gossip in Brea Ridge dies mysteriously, suspicions turn to cake decorator Daphne Martin. But all Daphne did was deliver a spice cake with cream cheese frosting--and find Yodel's body. Now Daphne's got to help solve the murder and clear her good name. Problem is, her Virginia hometown is brimming with people who had good reason to kill Yodel, and Daphne's whole family is among them.

My Take:
I have found myself another good series.  As if I didn't have enough to follow.  This series follows Daphne Martin ,who after being shot at by her husband and going through the trial to have him put away,  has come to live in the small town that her sister lives in and start a cake decorationg business.  She takes a cake to Yodel Watson and discovers her body.  As she starts to track down who could have possibly done this horrible thing she discovers some things about her family that she has a hard time coming to grips with. 

I will looking into getting the next in this series Dead Pan.

I recommend this if you like cozy mysteries. 

I received a copy of this book from tha publisher for review. 

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