Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Shelter of God's Promises by Sheila Walsh Audio Book of the Week

The Shelter of God's Promises
The Shelter of God's Promises by Sheila Walsh

From Goodreads:
In a world of uncertainty, pain, and struggle, where do you find solid assurance and unshakeable truth?

Gifted Bible teacher and inspiring Women of Faith speaker Sheila Walsh offers powerful, heart-filled teaching on ten bedrock promises of God, providing the foundation for daily confidence, joy, and hope.

In The Shelter of God's Promises, Sheila searches Scripture for what God has promised us, what God's promises mean, and how encounters with Christ are the eternal fulfillment of His unrelenting commitment to us. In this riveting walk through some of the Bible's most compelling stories, Walsh unveils ten foundational promises of God that secure our lives during even the most difficult times. Sheila weaves her hallmark storytelling, inspiring personal experience, and Scripture to help readers gain a trust in God that will sustain them for a lifetime.

My Take:
I received an audio copy of this book for review from  I loved that Sheila red this book as I find her accent very pleasing to the ear.  
This book is about God's promises and how we can rely on Him not matter what.  Unlike our fellow humans (as well as Ourselves)  God never breaks His promises and we can take Him at His word.  
This is not a sit down at one sitting and read (or listen in this case).  This is a book that causes you to think and ponder.  That being the case it might be a better book to actually have a physical copy of instead of listening on audio but if you listen to it you will absorb the truths just as well. 
If you need a refresher course in just how much we can rely on God this is the book for you.  Highly recommended.  I gave is three stars on Goodreads just because I think it would be better in book form but worth the listen. 

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