Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Deed So by Kath Russell

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About Kath Russell

Kath Russell enjoyed over thirty-five years in marketing and communications management in the biotechnology industry. She was an executive with one of the first genetic engineering companies. Russell also was president of Russell-Welsh Strategic Life Science Communications, Inc., and founder and chief executive officer of an ecommerce company offering services for mature companion animals and veterinarians. Russell received her bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University, her master’s degree in journalism from Boston University, her master’s of business administration from the Kellogg School of Management, and earned her certificate in creative writing from the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program.

To find out more about Kath or to learn more about Deed So visit http://www.deedsonovel.com/

About Deed So

Deed So

Welcome to 1962, one year before the world would witness President John F. Kennedy assassinated, and a time before civil rights, women’s rights, and the Vietnam War changed everything. Deed So by Katharine Russell chronicles the coming-of-age of brainy twelve-year-old Haddie Bashford, a sensitive young girl who wants nothing more than to leave the close-minded world of her home in Wicomico Corners. When Haddie witnesses the killing of a black teen by a down-on-his-luck white farmer, her family becomes embroiled in a web of hatred that threatens to engulf the whole town. Tempers flare and prejudice heats to a boiling point, even as Haddie struggles to fully comprehend what is going on, especially the dark consequences within her own family. When the murder case goes to trial, neighbor is pitted against neighbor, and the violence escalates to a dangerous level. As the case drags on, arson erupts, paralyzing the community. Can the town—and Haddie—survive?

Intertwining the major themes of struggle, equality, loyalty, and love that defined a generation, Deed So is a provocative snapshot of a tense time in history. Filled with larger-than-life characters, pitch perfect dialogue, and a wonderful sense of history, Deed So is as moving as it is thrilling. Haunting, edgy, and thought-provoking, this is a perfect read for fans of To Kill a Mockingbird or Nicholas Sparks.

Head over to the tour page to read the first two chapters of the book.

My take:  I seems to be reading alot about the 1960's lately.  This book like the other one I am reading deals alot with the racial tensions that occured durin that time.  Haddie is the main character.  She is described as being 12 but she seemed alot older through out the book. 
This book also deals with the Vietnam War and how alot of the soldiers felt after they returned from the war.
This story is good on so many levels.  In the story of what happens when a white man kills a black man, In what is happening in Haddie's family,  Haddie's feelings about her town and her wanting to get away. 
I would highloy recommend this book especially if you are interested in the civil rights movement and what happened in the 60's. 


  1. Hi, it's Kath of DEED SO. I hope your cable problems are solved. I hate it when that stuff happens. I wanted to ask about the cat in your blog picture. Is he/she yours? Reason is, we have a cat who looks much like this one. Her name is Weasley and she is NOT a 'people' cat, but we love her anyway!

  2. Yes that is our cat Elena. She definately has her own mind. Does not get along with our other cat Shadow. She has the run of the house while Shadow mostly stays in my ibrary. I really liked your book.


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