Thursday, October 29, 2009

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

This book was nothing like the movies you have seen.  I listened to it on audio which I am glad I did because I don't think I would have finished it if I were to read it.  It is very good at showing man's depravity.  I actually found myself feeling sorry for the monster.  He wanted nothing else but to be loved and because of his deformity could not find love. I thought it kinda careless of Frankenstein to just leave his monster and not worry about what would happen.  He just abandons him and then is surprised that the monster hates him.  I did find it a bit unbelivable that the monster learned to read the way it is described in the book especially when he is  reading the books he is reading.  This is anther book that is labeld a classic and I don't understand what all the fuss is about.  It was okay but not a classic to me.

Cherry Cheesecake Murder by Joanne Fluke

A movie is going to be made in Lake Eden and everyone in the town will be effected.  Main street is going to be closed down for the filming and Hannah will be making a cheesecake for the Director.  But when he is killed while demostrating how to play a scene Hannah and her friends and family are out to find out who did it.  Another enjoyable story with some delicious recipes.   

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Green by Ted Dekker

Green by Ted Dekker is called The Circle book zero.  It is supposed to be the book that you can start with or end the series that includes the books. Black, Red, and White.  This book deals with two realities The one that Thomas Hunter lives in with the Circle or albinos, the people that drowned in the pools of Elyon, and the Horde the followers of Teelah who have a skin disease that makes their skin turn into scabs thus they are nicknamed Scabs.  The other reality is Earth in modern day after they have suffered a virus outbreak that killed alot of the population. 

This story is very allegorical and it brings the people of Thomas' reality come to the edge of Armageddon.  Elyon is God, Teelah is Satan And various people in the story are Christ, the antichrist, false prophet. 

The story is very action packed and it does go back and forth between the two realities but it is mostly focused on the Circle.

You are suppose to be able to read this book either as the end to the series or as the beginning.  I have read Black but not the other two books and I think I would have enjoyed Green better if I had read the other two books first.  I think because I read Black that I understood a bit more about what was going on in the story.

If you are a suspense fan ore a fantasy fan then this book will be right up your alley.

I read this as part of Thomas Nelson Blogger Reviewer Program.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Comanche Moon by Larry McMurtry

Comanche Moon by Larry McMurtry was a pretty good prequel to Lonesome dove.  In McCraw and Call deal with Buffalo Hump , blue Duck and  mexican Bandit that captures their captain and toture him.  They are sent on the mission to find him.   Maggie gets pregnant and has Newt but Call won't claim him as his son.  The civil War happens during this time but it doesn't seem to affect Texas to much.