Thursday, May 6, 2010

Your Opinion part 2

I asked for your opinion last week about writers who don't really read.  A Comment made on one of my book reviews got me to thinking about something else.  If you write reviews do you feel pressure to write a positive review, especially when it is a book that everyone is raving about? 

I find that most times the books that everyone else seem to LOVE are usually the books that I either hate or are at most lukewarm about, case in point, I gave up reading anything that had Oprah involvement after trying to read a couple of those (I never finished one). 

What do you all Think? 


  1. I don't feel pressured to write positive reviews regardless of how well received a book is amongst the book blog community. Heck, I have a 'Hall of Shame' on my site!
    However, if the book is sent by an author then I won't be as evil in my choice of words if I really dislike it. I'll still convey I dislike it, and still give it the same rating I would have done had it been a book I bought, just in a more pleasant way.

  2. I am always honest in my reviews, but I have to admit, being a new blogger it has made me nervous at times. I worry that if I review too many books negatively, then I will not receive ARCs or review consideration from authors/publishers. However, I still post an honest review. I feel it should be part of a book blogger's integrity to do that.

  3. I'm honest with my reviews. If the author magically comes across my blog and sees that I posted a negative review and they don't like what I say then they can talk to me about it and ask why I say what I say. There have been books that didn't cut it for me and I think everyone's opinion should be expressed, even the negative ones.


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