Saturday, May 8, 2010

Searching for Atlantis by Richard Barcott

From  Archaeologist Dr. Henry Randalls is challenged to discover one of the greatest mysteries in the world: the Lost Continent of Atlantis. This once powerful empire contained palaces of gold, silver, and wealth untold. But then, mysteriously disappeared. Accepting the venture, Dr. Randalls' team flies toward Portugal, but crash lands near the home of sea-going pirates, with evil intentions. Escaping the pirates, the group eventually joins up with their research ship near Crete. After some delay, an ancient shipwreck is discovered with priceless artifacts and a possible link to Atlantis. Before determining its total value, a hostile force kidnaps Dr. Randalls' team. Taken to a secluded location the group finds itself in the company of a bomb-on a timed fuse. Will the group somehow escape? If they do, will the shipwreck treasure lead to Atlantis?

My Take:  This book was a very quick read and it wa action packed.  I received a copy from the author for review purposes and he stated that it was intended for student 5th - 8th grade.  I think that boys would find it especially interesting.  The characters find themselves in one action packed problem after another.  This adventure includes diving for sunken treasure, pirates and people mysteriously disappearing.  Definietly a good summer time read for a reluctant reader. 


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