Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Missing Max by Karen Young

Missing Max: A Novel

Missing Max by Karen Young

From Goodreads: Jane and Kyle Madison search for their kidnapped baby, Max, as their family falls apart—until teenage daughter Melanie effects a daring rescue.

My Take:   I really liked this book. I can't Mardi Gras. Much of the story takes place about 6 months later. Jane has thrown herself into the Child Search organization, neglecting her job and her family, Kyle (the father) has thrown himself into his job. Melanie in a desparate attempt to make up for the fact that Max was in her care when he was taken has come up with a plan to make everything better. And what about those phone calls from an unknown person mocking Jane. And who is following her? This story graps you and keeps hold of you till the end.

Karen Youngs website is here.

Karen Young is the author of thirty-four novels with more than ten million copies in print. Her many awards include the RITA from Romance Writers of America and both the Career Achievement and Reviewer’s Choice awards from Romantic Times magazine. She is a frequent public speaker and a teacher of the craft of writing. Currently, she resides in Houston, Texas.

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