Thursday, June 10, 2010

Audio Book Month

June is Audio Book Month and since I am an audio book junkie I thought maybe I should post a bit about audio books.

Several years I go I started a job that had a commute of at least 30 minutes one way (more if I got caught behind a horse and buggy, such is the life of living in Lancaster County PA)  and I mentioned to my husband that I wished that  there was a way that I could use that time constructively.  I do like to listen to music but not all the time and I can only take talk radio for short spurts and beside the hours that I drove (I work nights)(and yes there are horse and buggies out at that time of night,they are courting)  there were some pretty wacky people on at that time. 

So for Christmas that year my hubby bought me an mp3 player with a free trial to and I have never looked back. 

I have listened to some classics that I had tried to read but just couldn't get into, (Dracula) I listen to books that I have read before (Outlander), I have discovered new authors that I probably wouldn't have read otherwise.  I have found some books I would rather read (Hannah Swenson Series by Joanne Fluke) and some I like to both read and listen to (anything by James Patterson) and some I really only like to listen to (Ted Dekker).  I have almost 250 items in my library and countless others on cds (I also belong to and since their books are in mp3 files I transfer them to cds).  I have just started to get books from our library system recently. 

Here are some hits and misses from over the last couple of years.

Cell by Stephen King read by Campbell Scott   This was my first book getting back to King and it is not a favorite.  Really didn't like it.

True Light, Night Light, and Dawn's Light by Terri Blackstock  read by Susie Breck   I read the first in this series and got the rest on audio.  I need to get the first one on audio also.  Excellent series and listen

NIV Audio Bible Dramatized different voices for different people, animals in the background.  excellent

A Heart Like His by Beth Moore  read by Beth Moore  She is just so down to earth

The Ruins by Scott Smith read by Patrick Wilson  listened to this book around the time the movie came out.  I probably wouldn't have liked this if I had read it either

Outlander by Dian Gabaldon read by Davina Porter  I had read Outlander before but never any of the rest of the series.  After listening to Davina Porter read it I have been slowly making my way through the series.  These are quite a commitment time wise as they are all around 30+ hours long.  But so worth the time.

A Promise for Ellie by Laurraine Snelling  read by Stina Nielsen  this is the book that got my husband into listening to audio books.  He is not a reader and can not understand my obsession with books but has fallen in love with the audio book. 

Lucille: The Life of Lucille Ball by Kathleen Brady  read by C.M. Herbert  I find that I like to listen to autobiographies   This one is a good one.

Ruby by Laurraine Snelling read by Alexnadra O'Karma  This is a good example how the reader can make or break a book.  I loved this book when I read it and was excited to share it on audio with my husband.  The cadence of the reading was completely off and pauses where there shouldn't be , really just painful to listen too. 

Princess Bride by William Goldman read by Rob Reiner  wonderful wonderful.  As Fun as the movie.

Safely Home by Randy Alcorn read by Steve Sever  My favorite audio of 2008  I loved this book and it really impacted my life.

Chocolate chip Cookie Dough Murder by Joanne Fluke read by Suzanne Toren  Decided that I like to see the recipes that are sprinkled through out this series better than hearing them. 

Misery by Stephen King read by Lindsey Crouse  This is one of my favorite books and movies,  audio was great   I am this book's Number 1 fan!!

Hunger Games, Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins read  by Carolyn McCormick  I haven't read these but I love the audio.  Carolyn McCormick reads the Alphabet Series by Sue Grafton too!!  Can't wait for Mockingjay

Dewey by Vicky Myron and Bret Witter I loved this story about the little cat that was left at a library. 

Eeyre Affair by Jasper Fforde read by Emily Gray   I have decided that I don't think I would like this series no matter how I digest it.

The Women's Murder club Series, Alex Cross Series any thing by James Patterson.  Even though I enjoy reading James Patterson I have found that they are a nice quick listen

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley  I must be missing something but I absolutely hated this book

Under the Dome by Stephen King  read by Raul Esparza  I have shied away from King for awhile now because I thought he had lost some of the magic of his earlier works  (Cell was a good example) but I did like this book.  Definately not The Stand but  a decent listen

Devourer of Books is celebrating with an Audio Book Week over at her blog.  You can  find the info here.

You can get free audio books all over the web but a good place for classics is  Not professionals but some aren't too bad and it is free.

I have already mentioned  I have the plan where we get two credits a month for 22.95 a month  Thsi averages out to 11.48 a credit.  Most books are one credit but if you were to buy them with out credits they are $20 +.  They run sales through out the year also where you can get books for 1/2 price and they just had one were you could get a books for $4.99 (limited titles)  So we usually get two new books a month.  I do have a back log of books that I need to listen to but hey I have physical books that I need to read so I horde books, audio books and e-books. 

There are other audio sites also and you can get them from Amazon, ebay.

So if you haven't tried them before what do you have lose.  A Great way to redeem your time. 


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