Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Audio Book Week Middle of the Week Meme

Jen Over at Devourer of Books is hosting this whole week dedicated to audio books!!

Here’s something quick and easy for the middle of the week, just a short meme. Just copy/paste (and obviously change the answers to your own).

Audiobook are you currently reading/you read most recently: Last Christian by David Gregory

Impressions?: I am really liking it. 
How long you’ve been listening to audiobooks: I have been listening regularly for about 3 years now.
First audiobook you ever listened to: Not really sure

Favorite audiobook title: Misery by Stephen King (one of my favorite books and movies), and Princess Bride by William Goldman read by Rob Reiner

Favorite narrator: Hands down Davina Porter

How do you choose what to listen to versus read? I usually like to listen to big books, Liked outlander series, and I have Passage ready to go when I am done with Last Christian. 


  1. That is interesting that you prefer to listen to big books. That makes me antsy because they take so much longer for me to finish in audio than in print and even when I'm enjoying a book I don't like having one going for TOO long, because I can't stop thinking about all the other books I'm dying to read just sitting there unloved on my shelves.

  2. Jen, I guess I think the opposite. I like to listen to big books so that I can read smaller books and get more books read. I also usually listen to another book between parts.


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