Thursday, April 8, 2010

Under the Dome by Stephen King

I really liked Stephen King novels every since I first read Carrie.  One of my favorite books and movies of all time is Misery.  I use to buy every book that he wrote until I discovered that I really wasn't enjoying them very much.  I decided that I would try Cell a few years back when it came out and didn't really enjoy it very much either.  I don't know what made me try Under the Dome but I am really glad I did.  

One thing is I listened to this on audio and the narrator did a really good job the different voices.  That being said this was a LONG book so took me quite a while to listen to it.  I think it was over 40 hours.  

Because there were so many characters I was alittle lost at the beginning trying to keep all of the characters straight but soon realized that I just needed to keep the main characters staright and if I remembered the secondary characters good but if not no really big loss.  

I really think that Stephen King's best works are when he puts people in a situation and lets us(the readers) just sit back and observe what they do.  He did this in The Stand and He does this in Under the Dome. 

One fall day nothing seems to be out of the ordinary,  People are out working in their yards,  a lady is taking a flying lesson over Chester Mills,  a gopher is lumbering along the road looking for food to eat.  One seconD everything is fine.  The next the town of Chester Mill is enclosed in an invisible dome where no one and no thing can get out or in. Even though the dome is the precipitating factor it's what happens inside the dome that is the real horror story.   What human's are capable of if given the means and the motive.  But there is good in the whole mess too.

There is quite a bit of violence and language throughout the book.  The main complaint I have about the book was the way that Christians were portrayed. I am not sure what type of Christians Mr. King has been aquainted with but even though there are people who are bit like Jim Rennie but the majority of the Christians I know are good upstanding citizens and contribute alot of good to the world.    


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