Monday, April 19, 2010

Does God Exist? Building the Scientific Case by Focus on the Family

Focus on the Family has come out with a wonderful little dvd set that focuses on making and argument for the Existence of God using Science. 

I received my set from Tyndale House for and honest review and received no compensation for my review.   

This set comes with two dvds and a little booklet.

There are 10 lessons which would be about right for a high school or college level Sunday School class quarter.  The little booklet has an overview of each lesson and then some questions to help facilitate discussion in the class.  Throughout ar sprinkled quotes by scientists pertaining to the topics.   The lessons are about 30 minutes long and cover such topics as DNA by Design and The Big Bang Cosmology. 

These lessons help the student to be able to defend their faith with scientific knowledge.  This is really helpful especially when you are up against those that think that Faith and Science are exclusive of one another. 

I plan on using this for part of my daughters high school  curriculm and will encourage my church to use a copy also. 

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