Thursday, April 1, 2010

Carrot Cake Murder by Joanne Fluke

I really like the Hannah Swenson cozy mysteries.  I love the recipes(although I haven't tried any of them yet they all sound delicious).  I love Hannah and her relationship with her sisters.  I love how the little town Lake Eden is always celebrating something it seems.
This time it is a fmaily reunion for the families of Lisa and Herb.  Guess who shows up?  Long lost Gus, who left town years ago without a word to anyone and oweing several people money and getting into a fight with Lisa's dad.  Gus is rich now and is flashing around his money, clothes and car. 
Hannah is helping out by cooking and baking like she always does.  She especially made a carrot cake for Gus at the request of his sister.
It's Family Picture time and no one can find Gus so Hannah is sent to find him and find him she does.  He is in the pavilion dead in the middle of her carrot cake.
Who would kill Gus?  There is a long suspect list.  Seems Gus made alot of enemies.
Mike makes a deal to share his info with Hannah if she will share her's with him.  But will He?
And why is Moishe the cat acting out?

As usual I had no idea who did it till the very end.        

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