Monday, April 5, 2010

Pennywise by Jill Brock

This is a funny mystery written by Jill Brock. 
Odessa Wilkes's life has spiraled out of control when she loses her job and is dumped by her boyfriend all in one day.  She is stuck baking for her ovebearing sister at the family restaurant for a living.

Odessa's life is further thrown for a loop when her best friend Maggie comes into the restaurant  
,with her son Rocket in tow, crying that her husband , Roger, has disappeared.  After much drama and pleading on Maggie's part Odessa agrees to help find the missing Roger.  

The plot thickens after Maggie finds some insurance files that Roger has signed which is unusual since he wasn't involved in that aspect of the job anymore.  She also found a mysterious list of numbers.    

So Odessa and Maggie start their search for Roger armed with their copy of  'Private Invesigating for Dummies'  and helped or hendered by a wide assortment of characters from Odessa's Aunt Renne to the sinister Hamm.

I really enjoyed this book and will be seeking out other books by this author.  I recieved this book through for free and I am not required to write a favorable review.   

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