Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Under Cozy Covers -Father's Day Murder by Leslie Meier

Under Cozy Covers is a new feature that I am starting on the blog that I will try to feature or do a book review of a cozy mystery. 

First Up is

Father's Day Murder (A Lucy Stone Mystery #10)
Father's Day Murder by Leslie Meier

From Good Reads:
 When her part-time reporting gig gives Lucy the opportunity to attend a Boston newspaper conference, she looks forward to the vacation from domestic bliss. But upon leaving Tinker’s Cove, she quickly discovers that alone time can be kind of…lonely. And in between libel workshops and panel discussions, Lucy takes a guilt trip. She feels terrible that she won’t be home to help her husband celebrate Father’s Day.

But when Luther Read—head of a nearly bankrupt newspaper dynasty—suddenly drops dead, Lucy has other things to think about. Murder, for instance. She’s not buying the theory that Luther died of an asthma attack. The man just had too many enemies. Always the intrepid snoop, Lucy vows to investigate. But she can’t help wondering if her name will end up on a byline—or in an obit…

My Take:  This was a delightful change of pace in this series.  Instead of Lucy investigating a murder in Tinker's Cover  she is there when a highly important newspaper man dies which goes from an allergic reaction to murder as the cause  of death and are there alot of suspects.   Lucy is in Boston to attend a newspaper convention when at an awards banquet the man getting the biggest award falls over dead.  So she has to try to solve the murder while she is attending workshops and feeling guilty about leaving her family home alone.  It was kind of nice seeing Lucy out of her element a bit and away from her family and out exploring a new city along with her investigating the murder.  I liked that this book didn't have alot to do with her family (although they were in the story)  It just seems like her kids and even her husband are all spoiled brats at times.  Her husband is my absolute least favorite character of the whole series.  I will be continueing with this series as I do enjoy it .  

This book is from my personal library. 

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