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Cherry Cola Book Club by Ashton Lee Narrated by Maguerite Gavin

The Cherry Cola Book Club
The Cherry Cola Book Club
by Ashton Lee
Narrated by Maguerite Gavin

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Set in a small town in Mississippi, The Cherry Cola Book Club is the touching and sometimes hilarious story of a young, upbeat librarian who has been given an ultimatum to increase the library’s circulation dramatically - or risk having to close its doors.
Maura doesn’t just start a book club; she gets involved in unique and unexpected ways with her library patrons. She entertains and advises them, she has potluck dinners, and life in the town begins to imitate art. The patrons begin to relate their own lives to the work of writers like Margaret Mitchell and Harper Lee. In moving and personal ways, Maura helps them deal with such subjects as long-lost love and a brush with death, offering advice on nearly everything - including romance. No topic is off limits. Along the way, Maura raises the profile of the library - but will it be enough?
©2013 Ashton Lee (P)2013 Blackstone Audio, Inc.

My Take:  I just adored this audio.  It was filled with quirky characters and and it had you routing for the good guys from the very start.  The good guys being Maura Beth and all the members of The Cherry Cola Book Club.  Maura Beth is the librarian at the local library and she is threatened with the closer of  library if she doesn't get her patronage up.  A chance meeting gives her the idea of starting a book club and they read southern writers including Harper Lee and Margaret Michell.  I like the creative of everyone involved.  This book can be listened to around middle age children.  There is hardly any language and sex is alluded to but not actually talked about.
I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to read about other people reading.  This also addresses a very real problem with libraries today.  The lack of funding.  But how they would be missed if they go the way of extinction.

I thought the narrator did an excellent job of catching the southern accent and charm of the characters.

I received a review copy from as part of the review program in exchange for my honest opinion.

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