Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pleading Guilty by Scott Turow (audio)

Pleading Guilty

 Pleading Guilty by Scott Turow.

 I originally was intrigued by this book because I had read Presumed Innocent when it first came out and had recently listened to the audio version of Innocent. Unfortunately this book did not live up to those books in my opinion.

Mac Mallory is an ex-cop that has become a lawyer in a law firm whose main client is an airline. He has not performed up to the firms expectations. He is given the job of finding a missing partner who has disappeared and apparently taken a lot of money from this client. The bottom line for the firm is the money. The bottom line for Mac is what is going on within the firm. The deeper he diggs the more he finds out about how the firm really is run and what is really important to the firm.

I really had a hard time caring about any of these characters. They all came across as what people usually think of as a stereotypical lawyer. I found none of them likeable any any way. The love story part between mac and another lawyer felt like it was just thrown in to give the book a romance, possibly to attract a female audience. I just didn't feel that the book was on par with the other books I had read by Scott Turow.

This book was Narrated by Robert Petroff and I thought he did a fair job.
I listened to this book in exchange for a review for  I received a review copy of the audio.

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