Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Rise of the Fire Tamer by Kaitlin Gow

Kailin Gow is the author of over 30 books for all generations, but her specialty is the young adult/teen genre. Her books have been recommended by PBS Kids, the PTA, homeschooling organizations, and on the Best Teens Books list. She is a mentor for young women, has founded 3A for Autism (Actors, Artists, and Authors for Autism), and runs a publishing and production company known as Sparklesoup, a mid-size publisher and production company.

Her latest young adult fiction novel is Rise of the Fire Tamer.

Rise of the Fire Tamer: Wordwick Games Book 1

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About Rise of the Fire Tamer

After winning a contest for a popular game called Wordwick Games, five teens Gemma, Sparks, Rio, Kat, and Jack, are invited to stay at Wordwick Games inventor Henry Word’s mysterious castle and play the newest level of Workwick Games. Little do they know, the castle is the doorway to a wondrous world call Anachronia where words can be used as weapons, power, and commodity. There is unrest in Anachronia, and if the five teens can follow the rules of Wordwick Games and prove to be the best player, one of them will be crowned Ruler of Anachronia.

My Take:  What a good book!!  I found myself drawn into the action right from the beginning.  My favorite parts were the little paragraphs at the end of each chapter that told you what each of the main characters was doing or thinking at the end of that chapter.  I liked that the book had good strong female characters.  It addressed that teens are usually thinking what everyone is thinking of them.

I liked the fact that words had such power in the game.  Words do have a strong impact in our world and I thought that the story illustrated this well as to the destructive power of some of the words that were used.

I will definately be passing this on to my teenage daughter and even my older daughter who is in her 20's. 

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