Tuesday, July 13, 2010

David and Goliath by Bryan Hathaway

David and Goliath: The Guardian Angel Chronicles
David and Goliath by Bryan Hathaway

From the authors website:
David Liberty is trapped within the walls of a nursing home, inside a failing body. No longer able to move, speak, or respond to communication, David longs for escape and welcomes his impending death. His plans are changed when he is confronted by an angel, Joelle, who questions his past and irrevocably changes his future. David is given a second chance at life, but not in the manner he had hoped. His renewed body and unchanged self are thrown into the lives of others, and he is commissioned to assist them in their struggles and bridge the chasm that separates them from God. As a penalty for a lifetime of merely “talking the talk,” David is unable to speak; instead he must use actions to demonstrate his love for God and others. David’s first task is to help a major league baseball player put aside pride and once again place his family above money and fame. Next, he is thrown into a new family, in which envy threatens the life of both siblings. In the climactic conclusion, David encounters a young boy whose family is held captive to sloth and anger.

My take:  Although I don't entirely agree with the theology of this book, I did find that it was a very well told story.  Each of the three situations that David is put in are unique and it is like reading a separate book (the book is divided into 3 books).   I did feel that the people that he was sent to help just accepted him into their lives alittle too easily (maybe I am just cynical)  especially in the last story. I did love the way that the book ended. That being said I would like to read the next in this series.

   You can find out more about this series and the author his website here.

thanks to Rebecca at Glass Road Pr for providing a copy of this book for review purposes.

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