Friday, July 2, 2010

Happily Ever Laughter editor Ken Davis

Happily Ever Laughter: Discovering the Lighter Side of Marriage (Focus on the Family)

Happily Ever After editor Ken Davis

From Goodreads: Happily Ever Laughter captures real-life stories from couples—stories chosen for their humor, variety of settings, and diversity of years married. As readers laugh along with each couple described, they will begin to understand that being able to see the humor in life helps greatly in keeping one’s marriage happy and healthy through the years. Includes stories from Chonda Pierce, Bob Stromberg, Daren Streblow, Kendra Smiley, Jeff Allen, John Branyan, Rhonda Rhea, David Dean, Dave Veerman, and Neil Wilson.

I love to listen to Ken Davis.  He is a really fun guy and is able to tye up everyday life in a few minutes and leave you smiling and laughing.  Other people in this book I have never heard of but I will definitely be looking them up.  That is one neat thing about this book , at the end of each chapter there is a little blurb about the person who wrote it and their website. 

Almost all the of the chapters have a quote from someone about marriage or relationships.  One of my favorites is by Ruth Graham (Billy Graham's Wife) " I'm certainly glad my husband and I are not exactly alike; if that were the case, oneof us wouldn't be necessary"

As is the case in most marriages, my husband and I have been going through a tough time financially which has made everything seem tough but this book brought a smile to my lips and helped me to remember some of the good times in my marriage.  Definately a feel good book.


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  2. This book sounds very promising...enjoy it!

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  3. Hey there – just swinging by for Monday to see what you are reading. Have a great week. Stop by The Wormhole to check out what I have gotten and what I have been reading too. Happy reading! Bev.


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