Thursday, November 30, 2017

Here Skies Surround Us (Dome 1618 #2) by Melanie McFarlane

Here Skies Surround Us (Dome 1618, #2)

Nat leaves her home, Dome 1618, just as they begin to colonize on the outside. She travels with Evan to his home, Dome 569, to deliver a replica of the immune serum and allow Evan to report back to his mother, Caroline. But when they arrive, members of the “New Order” take them into custody and Nat and Evan are separated, once again.

Thankfully she is reunited with her uncle, Alec, who takes Nat under his protection. But Nat has a lot to learn about Evan’s home, a progressive dome that colonized on the outside over a decade ago. There are many rules in Dome 569 put in place by Caroline; some that come with sharp and sometimes deadly consequences when broken. Here, Nat learns of the struggles that can come with change, and how tearing down the old ways doesn’t always make things better overall. In the process, she uncovers truths that could tear down the kingdom Caroline has sacrificed to protect, and in turn puts Nat at risk.

Will Nat be able to protect Evan from the lies, or will he succumb to them for the sake of his family, just as his mother did many years before? As Nat uncovers the secrets of Dome 569, will she be willing to give up her morals and values to pay the price for freedom, or die fighting for what she believes in?

My Take:  This is the second in the Dome 1618 series.  It is a Young Adult dystopian series.  In this book Nat and Evan go to Evan's home Dome 569.  The Leader of this dome isn't fair and is very strict and unwavering.  Nat is determined to find out what is going on.  Change comes very hard for some people and Caroline the leader doesn't like change much at all.  I would recommend reading the first book in the series before reading this book.  Recommended if you like dystopian young adult fiction.  

I received a review copy from Chapter by Chapter in exchange for my honest opinion.   

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