Sunday, November 12, 2017

Choosing a Life that Matters by Dennis Rainey

Choosing a Life That Matters: 7 Decisions You'll Never Regret

from :  We live in a culture that permits everything, surrounded by people skimming the surface of life, trying to piece together meaning from ever-shifting truths and fleeting fads. But in a world that stands for nothing, you can choose to stand for Something.

With warmth and wisdom that only comes from weathering the storms of life, Dennis Rainey shares seven ways to not only build a strong foundation, but to choose to live the life of purpose and potential you were created for. When the winds of culture blow, you will be able to stand firm on the Truth. You will be able to choose a life that matters. A life that makes a difference in the here and now--a life that echoes into eternity.

You are at crossroads of culture and Christianity. Which way will you choose to live?

My take:  Dennis Rainey talks about 7 things that you will make your life one that really matters,
Seek God, not sin
Fear God, not man
Love God, not the world
Believe God, not the deceiver
Obey God, not your feelings
Worship God, not comfort
Serve God, not self 

Lets face it we all want a life that matters.  If we strive for these seven things then the battle is practically won for us.  This book would be a good book to give to graduates and couples just getting married.  These are seven things that would help anyone out in framing their life.  Rainey gives good advice throughout the book.  

I received a review copy of this book from Bethany House in exchange for my honest opinion.  

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