Thursday, August 19, 2010

Purrsnikitty by Kathy Brodsky

Purrsnikitty Purrsnikitty by Kathy Brodsky, illustrated by Cameron Bennett

This is a great little book for kids preschool to early elementary.  I love the main character the cat.  He looks just like my cat (see picture at top of blog).  Everything that the cat does in the book our cat does.  We even got our cat at the shelter like the family in the book.  There are questions in the back of the book to ask children when you are done reading the book.  The rhyming nature should make it easy for kids to read and learn the story.  Great book.



  1. How sweet! I love that the cat matches yours. Too bad my girl is too old for this one.

  2. such an adorable cover. need to check out that one.


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