Thursday, August 12, 2010

I am Hutterite by Mary-Ann Kirkby

I Am Hutterite: The Fascinating True Story of a Young Woman’s Journey to Reclaim Her Heritage
I am Hutterite by Mary Ann Kirkby

I was excited to recieve this book from Thomas Nelson Booksneeze program.  I am always fascinated by people who choose to live outside the modern culture of todays day and age.  I guess that may have something to do with living in Lancaster County, PA among the Amish. 

This is the true story of the author and her family.  They lived in a Hutterite community in Canada until she was 10 when her parents decided to leave because  of a conflict with a leader of the communtiy.  she goes into detail about life in the community and the way things were done which reminded me somewhat of the Amish.  They even call the people who are outside their communtiy English.
After they left they had to adjust to life in the outside world.   As the blurb about the book states "  Mary-Ann had never tasted macaroni and cheese or ridden a bike. She had never heard of Walt Disney or rock-and-roll."  It is hard to think that anyone growing up in the last 50 years would not have done or heard of these things. 
If you are interested in learning about another culture then this is a great book to read.  It helps to show how our upbringing follows us throughout our entire life. 

 Mary-Ann Kirkby spent the first ten years of her life in a Hutterite Colony in Manitoba, Canada. In 1969 her parents did the unthinkable. They uprooted their 7 children and left the only life they had ever known, thrusting them into a society they did not understand and which did not understand them. Mary-Ann's transition into popular culture is both heartbreaking and hilarious. An award-winning television journalist, Mary-Ann learned the fine art of storytelling at the knees of her gifted Hutterite teachers. She lives in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

I received this as a part of The Booksneeze Program and am not required to write a positive review.

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