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Guest Blogger- Moxy!! from Alphabet Woof!!

MOXY, GUEST BLOGGER                                                            

A dog, a wish and some magical soup!


Our guest today is Moxy, a talking dog, the

main character in the new children’s picture
book, Alphabet Woof! and all around doggone-

good fellow. In Alphabet Woof! by

Sherrie A. Madia, Ph.D. and illustrator Patrick

Carlson, Moxy eats some magic soup and his

wish comes true: He can Talk!

This gift leads Moxy and his family to some exciting adventures. “Who’d pass up a

dog who can speak after all?” News spreads fast about Moxy’s new voice and

reporters, fan letters, phone calls and even flowers appear at his house. He lands a

talk show on TV and the family becomes wealthy and famous.

In the end, Moxy realizes his greatest gift is not his ability to talk but rather, his

ability to talk with the people he loves, who love him back. Now, when Moxy is

not out-and-about posing for magazines, filming a feature film or being interviewed

on blogs, he can be found at home with his loving family – a bit dog-tired but very

happy. 


1. Everyone is eager to learn about Alphabet Woof! Please tell us what it is all


MOXY: It’s a funny story, really. I mean, I have this routine where I eat whatever

happens to spill from my family’s dinner table. One rainy Monday, I smelled

something extra yummy in the kitchen, and it turns out it was our favorite Aunt

Mabel’s famous alphabet soup. One thing led to another, and let’s just say there

was a bit of a spill. Trying my best to lap it all up – I love to help out around the

house! – something strange and wonderful happened. The moment I tasted that

soup, I heard a sound I’d never heard before – a beautiful, magical, human kind of

sound – what I heard was my own voice – I could talk!

2. What happened when you first learned that you could talk? Was your family


MOXY: Ummm, surprised is one way of putting it. The Boy and I were delighted -

we thought it was the funniest trick ever! We talked to each other every day

anyway – just in a different kind of language. But this kind of talking made sharing

our stories a whole lot easier.

Mom had a lot of questions for me – Stuff like, “What about that broken vase – Was

that really you who broke it?” And, “How about my missing gardening glove – did

you bury it under the rose bush?”

We weren’t quite sure how Dad would react. He’s always so serious! The whole

family got a little nervous when we heard the door open and saw the look on Dad’s

face. Once he got over the shock, I think he really liked it. Mom said it made Dad

“remember how to have fun again” - whatever that means. Dad particularly liked

how I could tell him lots of stuff that I know about the neighbors. Like how Mr.

McGowan likes to toss his grass clippings over our side of the fence, or, well, you

get the gist…

3. What responses to you get from kids when they read Alphabet Woof!?

MOXY: Kids are neat – In fact, they’re probably my favorite humans! For starters,

they sure do laugh a lot when they hear my story – which makes me laugh, too!

Their favorite is the part about bedtime. Mom told the Boy and me, “No more

talking in there!” only I just couldn’t help but talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk! I

mean, I had soooo much to say, and I didn’t want to have to wait all the way ‘til

morning — what if I forgot something important? So, I talked all night long for good

measure. Mom was not amused.

4. What messages do you hope that your readers will take away from this?

MOXY: When I ate that magic soup, my wish to talk came true. It was all I ever

wanted! But I learned something very special along the way, which was it wasn’t

just anybody I wanted to talk to. It was talking with my family that made it all so

much fun.

I hope that every family stops to take the time to ask the simple questions like,

“How was your day?” and “May I chew on your slipper?” —Er, I mean, “What

happened in school today?”

Families who take the time to talk and laugh with each other give themselves a gift

that lasts their whole life! Mom likes to say, “We’re not just talking—we’re making

family memories.” I’m not even sure I know what memories are, but Mom is

always right about these things.

5. Tell us about your creators – the author and illustrator – of the book. How did

they get the idea come to write a book about you? What are their goals for the

future? Is there another book coming up?

MOXY: The author, Sherrie Madia—She lets me call her “Sher”—she’s a funny

lady! She’s a mommy with two girls, and they wrote this book about me together,

as a family project. Sher carried around a scrap of paper with this story idea for

almost 10 whole years – She says that’s why she never throws anything out! The

girls were getting a little older (Anna is 12 and Emma is 14—that’s 98 in dog

years!), so Sher started to wonder how they’d ever keep talking. So she decided

they would write a book—starring me!—and here I am.

Oh, but they couldn’t have done it without my buddy Patrick. He’s the amazingly

talented illustrator who captured my good looks perfectly, if I do say so myself.

Patrick has two boys, too – twins! – he really understands my many moods—I just

love that guy!

The best news is – We’re doing another book together!

Sher, the girls, Patrick – and me! Only this time, we’re

creating a super-special project called “Moxy’s Family-

Time Cookbook”.

This book will have some of the tastiest recipes ever –

and they’ll be simple and easy, with step-by-step

directions, so kids and their families can spend more

time having fun together. They’ve even got a section of

recipes just for us dogs – Homemade dog treats — I

can’t wait! Sher says the book will be available in

December 2010 — Just in time for the holidays. Think I

know what I’ll be giving Mom this Christmas! Shhhhhh.

6. A portion of the proceeds of Alphabet Woof! benefits the SPCA International.

Could you tell us a little about that organization and what they represent? Why did

you choose to give to this charity?

MOXY: I was one of the lucky dogs out there. Mom and Dad rescued me from an

overcrowded pound when I was just a puppy. They took me to visit some of the

other animals who weren’t as lucky as me, and they had it pretty bad — great dogs

and cats, just hoping to be loved by a family!

So, it was only natural that a portion of the proceeds from my story helps the SPCA

International, which advances the safety and well-being of animals all over the

world. One of our favorites is their Shelter Program.

Each year, the SPCA International helps local shelters in need with emergency

grant funds. They’ve helped countless animals over the years, so we really love

being able to do our part to help them help animals.

Unlike me, most animals don’t have a voice, so we like to do our part to help

animals who’ve been harmed or abused, or homeless, to live happy, healthy lives.

7. Do you have a website? Where can we purchase your book?

MOXY: Oh, boy, do I ever! My website is You can hear

a podcast of me doing what I love to do best – talking with my family!

The book is available along with some really cool t-shirts and a fun activity book. I

hope your audience has as much fun reading my story as I’ve had living it!



Oh, and almost forgot: Do you have a talking dog at home? If you do, send your

video or photo to, with the subject line “Talking Dog!”

and Sher will post your special dog on her web site.

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