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Audio Book Review of I'll See You Again by Jackie Hance and Janice Kaplan Read by Jackie Hance

I'll See You Again | [Jackie Hance, Janice Kaplan]
I'll see You Again by Jackie Hance and Janice Kaplan
Read by Jackie Hance

 I'll see You Again by Jackie Hance and Janice Kaplan
Read by Jackie Hance
In a powerful and intimate memoir, Jackie Hance shares her story of unbearable loss, darkest despair, and—slowly, painfully, and miraculously—her cautious return to hope and love.Until the horrific car accident on New York State’s Taconic Parkway that took the lives of her three beloved young daughters, Jackie Hance was an ordinary Long Island mom, fulfilled by the joyful chaos of a household bustling with life and chatter and love. After the tragedy, she was “The Taconic Mom,” whose unimaginable loss embodied every parent’s worst nightmare. Suddenly, her life-long Catholic faith no longer explained the world. Her marriage to her husband, Warren, was ravaged by wrenching grief and recrimination. And her mind, unable to cope with the unfathomable, reinvented reality each night, so she awoke each morning having forgotten the heartbreaking facts: that Emma, age 8; Alyson, age 7; and Katie, age 5, were gone forever. They were killed in a minivan driven by their aunt, Jackie’s sister-in-law, Diane Schuler, while returning from a camping weekend on a sunny July morning.
I’ll See You Again chronicles the day Jackie received the traumatizing phone call that defied all understanding, and the numbed and torturous events that followed—including the devastating medical findings that shattered Jackie to the core and shocked America. But this profoundly honest account is also the story of how a tight-knit community rallied around the Hances, providing the courage and strength for them to move forward. It’s a story of forgiveness, hope, and rebirth, as Jackie and Warren struggle to rediscover the possibility of joy by welcoming their fourth daughter, Kasey Rose Hance.
The story that Jackie Hance shares for the first time will touch your heart and warm you to the power of love and hope.
My Take:  This book tells the tale of a tragic occurrence  that took the lives of 3 beautiful girls, Their aunt and their cousin plus people in the other van.    We get the story of the family of the 3 girls with mention of the Aunt as to how she could do what she did.  Hardly any mention of the cousins or the other people in the other vehicle.  Make no mistake this book is all about Jackie Hance's loss and really no one else's including her husband.  Her Husband is a saint to put up with the treatment she gave him with the excuse of her grief.  He wasn't able to deal with his grief as he had to put up with her grief.  I do understand that she lost her three beautiful little girls but grief is no excuse for treating other badly and unfortunately those around her let her get away with it.  Image getting mad at friends because they wanted to have a Halloween party a year after the girls died.  I really tried to excuse Jackie's behavior also and kept telling myself that I don't know what she was going through and everyone handles grief differently but try as I might I could not make myself like Jackie Hance one little bit.  I hope that she isn't constantly comparing her youngest daughter to her ones that were killed because she will never live up to the idols she has made them.  
Jackie did not do a very good job reading this book.  Her delivery was stilted and void of any emotion.  At times she sounded like a robot reading .  
I received a review copy of this audio book from Simon and Schuster in exchange for my honest review.  

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