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Audio Book Review of Happy, Happy, Happy, by Phil Robertson intro read by Phil Roberstson rest of book Read by Alan Robertson

Happy, Happy, Happy
Happy, Happy, Happy by Phil Robertson
Intro by Phil Robertson
Rest of book Read by Alan Robertson


 This no-holds-barred autobiography chronicles the remarkable life of Phil Robertson, the original Duck Commander and Duck Dynasty star, from early childhood through the founding of a family business. Life was always getting in the way of Phil Robertson’s passion for duck hunting.

An NFL-bound quarterback, Phil made his mark on Louisiana Tech University in the 1960s by playing football and completing his college career with a master’s degree in English. But Phil’s eyes were not always on the books or the ball; they were usually looking to the sky.

Phil grew up with the dream of living the simple life off the land like his forebears, but he soon found himself on a path to self-destruction—leasing a bar, drinking too much, fighting, and wasting his talents. He almost lost it all until he gave his life to God. And then everything changed.

Phil’s incredible story tells how he followed a calling from God and soon after invented a duck call that would begin an incredible journey to the life he had always dreamed of for himself and his family. With great love for his country, his family, and his maker, Phil has finally found the ingredients to the “good life” he always wanted.

My Take:  I am not a die hard Duck Dynasty fan.  If it is on I will watch it but I really don't seek it out.  I find it amusing and sometimes have to remind myself that all of these people on the show have college degrees.  

This book is alittle different than the Duck Commander Family which focused more on Willie and Korie with a bit of the rest of the family thrown in.  This book focuses on Phil and gives more of the background on his life and the early days of the company.  It goes from his childhood of growing up in a log cabin.  It covers his college days when Terry Bradshaw  was second string to him.  It goes into his wild days when things got so bad that Miss Kay left him for a few months until he came to his senses and asked her to come back with the boys.  It tells of his conversion and his love for God, Family and Ducks.  It tells about the early days of the company and how they learned how to run the business by trial and error.  A great inspiring story about how with faith and hard work you can follow your dream.  

The Intro to this book was read by Phil but the rest of the book was read by his oldest son Alan.  I thought this was interesting as I had heard that Alan will be joining the show this next season.  I thought he did a good job on the reading and I couldn't help thinking about how hard it must have been to read the parts when his dad was not being the best dad.  

All in All I liked this book and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for an inspiring book or if you are a fan of the show.  

I received a review copy of this book from Simon and Schuster Audio in exchange for my honest review. 

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