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The Respect Dare for Married Women by Nina Roesner

The Respect Dare
The Respect Dare for Married Women by Nina Roesner

 40 Days to Improving Your Relationship with God and Your Husband

Ephesians 5:33 in the Bible says that wives shall always respect their husbands, but most women struggle with this concept. Are you one of them?

The truth is that women get married with dreams, hopes and aspirations that are often never fulfilled. More than half of marriages end in divorce in the United States, and many women that stay married are unhappy.
The Respect Dare is a forty-day devotional guide that will take away the mystery that is keeping you from speaking the language of respect with your husband. It provides real life examples from women who have developed closer relationships with God and their husbands. In it, you will learn:
● How to build confidence;

● Methods to positively handle conflicts;

● Keys to better communication;

● How to develop a more intimate connection with your spouse;

● Ways to deepen your relationship with God;

● And much more!
Learn the language of respect and truly connect to the man you married with The Respect Dare.

My Take:  I have been married for 28 years and my husband and I have had our ups and downs.  The premise of this book is a good one.  My one concern though is that if a newly married or soon to be married woman gets this book and thinks if they do everything in this book and they are still having problems in their relationship they will think that it is all their fault because after all they did everything in the book.  What this book doesn't really cover is that it takes two for a relationship and if you are working hard on your marriage but your husband isn't or vice versa the relationship will suffer not matter if you are following the advice of this book or not.

 We are to respect our husbands and this book helped give me some new ideas of how I could show that respect.  I would use this book as just that an idea book to use as a springboard.  Don't use it as a how to book.

I received an ebook review copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion from Booksneeze review program.  

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