Friday, June 29, 2012

Audio book Week - where oh Where do I find a good book?

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 Where do you learn about great
audiobook titles? Find reviews? Buy your audiobooks? Share your secrets with the rest of us!

As I have mentioned before this week, I have an Audible membership.Which I adore.  Even though I have quite a back log of audios in my library I still love every month when I can go and pick a new book.  I use to have a membership to but I didn't like the fact that your purchases were deleted after a matter of time so I had to either download all those books to my computer or burn them onto cds.  That took up alot of space whether physically or digitally.  I have the Audible app on my phone so I can just delete or download whenever I want straight to my phone which is where I listen to most of my audiobooks.  It also has a neat little feature that I can set it to go to sleep and it will turn itself off.  This is nice when I listen before I go to sleep.  I have also gotten books from the library.  I have gotten several books in audio to review from publishers and I belong to the audio program for Christian (I don't mind the books being deleted so much if I didn't pay for them).   I get my list of books for my wishlists mostly from other bloggers.  I got Ready Player One because Sheila from Book Journey liked it so much.  Alot of times I will look for a book in audio first if I have read alot of good reviews on it.  Audio books are most times non review books so they don't have a time constraint on them and I can read (listen) to them on my timetable but I hope to go back to posting an audio book review once a week on here. Since I had that horrible experience with that one narrator I try to read the reviews before I buy a book on audible because that narrator was referenced several times  and I should have taken the reviews to heart.


  1. I'll be listening to Ready Player One soon, too. It has to be the most recommended title of Audiobook Week!

  2. Checking out reviews of the narrator ahead of time is definitely a good idea.


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