Thursday, June 28, 2012

Audio Book review of Christy by Catherine Marshall Narrated by Kellie Martin

Christy | [Catherine Marshall]
Christy by Catherine Marshall
Narrated by Kellie Martin
length 19 hours

 In the year 1912, 19-year-old Christy Huddleston leaves home to teach
school in the Smoky Mountains – and comes to know and love the resilient people of the region, with their fierce pride, their dark superstitions, their terrible poverty, and their yearning for beauty and truth. But her faith will be severely challenged by trial and tragedy, by the needs and unique strengths of two remarkable young men, and by a heart torn between true love and unwavering devotion. And don't miss another heart-soaring best seller from Catherine Marshall: Julie.

My Take:  I had read this book many years ago and I really liked the tv series based on the book.  I was excited when I saw that the book was narrated by Kellie Martin as she played the main character in the tv show.  I have always liked Kellie Martin ever since she was in the tv show Life Goes On.  I am sorry to say that the narration of this book fell a bit flat for me.  I thought that Miss Martin could have put a  little more emotion into the reading of the book but instead just read it straight .
The book itself is a great story.  Naive Christy Huddleston leaves her sheltered life in Ashville, Tn to teach school to mountain children in the Smoky Mountains.  She learns many harsh life lessons along the way but grows to love the people that she has come to teach.  There is a bit of romance in the book and the tv series leaves you hanging so I would highly recommend reading or listening to the book.  Good Wholesome entertainment.  I highly recommend. it.

I want to listen to Catherine's other book Julie sometime. 

This was from my personal audio library.


  1. Oh, I was so intrigued when I saw she narrated this, having played the main character. Too bad it didn't work better.

  2. I too loved this book and the tv series so I am so sad to hear the narration fell flat. I would have bought a copy if it been a winner. I never get tired of Christy. I'll have to look up Julie. I don't think I have ever read it.

  3. I've been meaning to read this book for quite some time, but I guess I'll go straight to a hard copy and skip the audio.


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