Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Audio Book Review of The Sword by Bryan M Liftin

The Sword
The Sword by Brian M. Liftin
Read by Ray Porter
length 14.6 hours
published by

 This novel of page-turning action and adventure poses the question, "If a society had no knowledge of Christianity, and then a
Bible were discovered, what would happen?" Four hundred years after a deadly virus and nuclear war destroyed the modern world, a new and noble civilization emerges. In this kingdom, called Chiveis, snow-capped mountains provide protection, and fields and livestock provide food. The people live medieval-style lives, with almost no knowledge of the "ancient" world. Safe in their natural stronghold, the Chiveisi have everything they need, even their own religion. Christianity has been forgotten--until a young army scout comes across a strange book. With that discovery, this work of speculative fiction takes readers on a journey that encompasses adventure, romance, and the revelation of the one true God. Through compelling narrative and powerful character development, The Sword speaks to God's goodness, his refusal to tolerate sin, man's need to bow before him, and the eternality and power of his Word. Fantasy and adventure readers will be hooked by this first book in a forthcoming trilogy.

My Take:  I struggled alot with this book.  I really wanted to like it but it just didn't grab me.  I kept thinking about not finishing it but I hate to give up on books because I have had books not grab me till the very end.  This one never did.  I never found myself wanting to listen more as a matter of fact I was relieved several times when my commute was done so I could quit listening.  I think part of the problem might be that this was not really my type of genre.  Although it does have alot of action.  I do agree with several other reviewers that the characters weren't very realistic.  The hero and heroine were both good to the point of I was afraid I was going to get cavities because they were so sugary good.  I like my characters draw more realistic as having some faults and not so good.
The narrator did a very good job with the material he was given.  He had convincing voices for both males and females and distinct voices for each character.
 I think that if you like action adventure set in a middle ages setting you would enjoy this book.

I was given a copy for an honest review by

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