Monday, March 15, 2010

A Praying Life by Paul Miller

A Praying Life by Paul Miller is a book about prayer that gives you a very practical way to go about having a praying life.  Paul relates how he has gone about finding ways to pray in this busy life that we all live.  He weaves everyday stories into each area that he discusses and shows us how we to can find a way to make prayer an important part of our lives. He is honest about how he finds it difficult at times to pray but lets us know that we can always start from scratch and its ok.  
If anyone knows that stresses of the world we live in it is Paul Miller.  He is involved in a very busy mission organization, is very busy with seminars, has a tax business, and has a wife and children one of which has autism.  Many of his stories deal with his prayers for his daughter and her unique needs.
The first part of the book is just different ways that we need to approach the whole process of prayer, the last part is two specific ways tools that he uses when he prays, prayer cards and a prayer journal.  I have heard about the prayer journal before but I was really interested in the prayer cards which seems to be perfect for individual people and their prayer requests.
I have always felt a need to pray more and I intend to use what I have learned from this book and apply it to my personal prayer time. 
I got this book from as part of their blogger review program.  The narrator was Arthur Morey.  I thought he did a good job overall but maybe could have had a little more emotion when he read.  The one time he tried to use a different voice when he was reading it didn't translate well.       

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