Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Between Two Kingdoms by Joe Boyd

I was sent this book from FSB to read and give a review.  Please read disclaimer.

Between Two Kingdoms by Joe Boyd is an allegory ,very much so.  Even if you have just a passing knowledge of Christianity you will be able to figure out what most of  this book is trying to convey.

That being said I found this book very entertaining and I think that the intended audience of preteen and early teens will find this book very exciting and enjoyable, especially boys.  

The two kingdoms in question are the Upper Kingdom, which is ruled by Great King and The Good Prince, and the Lower Kingdom ruled by The Dark Prince.  The residents in the Upper Kingdom on eternally seven years old and spend their days eating cookies for breakfast and building tree houses and whatever else they like.  The residents in the Lower Kingdom are old people who don't have a pleasant existence.

The Good Prince calls Tommy to go on a mission to the Lower Kingdom.  The Prince calls Tommy a Leader but Tommy protests.  The Good Prince says "A person can be a leader long before he has the occasion to lead".

Tommy and several of his friends , Mary, Luke, Bobby go to the Lower Kingdom and meet several other followers of the Great King including Pops.  Along with these followers they must stop the Dark Prince's evil plan.

This was a very quick read and it was mostly non stop action from beginning to end. 

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for something that a boy would like to read.  Girls would like it too but I think that boys would really enjoy it. 

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  1. Thank you for your review and helping us spread the word about Between Two Kingdoms! I work for Standard Publishing, the publishing house for Joe Boyd's book. Thanks for taking the time to review his book!


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