Tuesday, March 2, 2010

66 Love Letters: A conversation with God that Invites you into His Story by Larry Crabb

This was an excellent book.  Larry Crabb takes each of the 66 books of the Bible and relates them to the reader as a true love letter from God.  I read the book straight through for this review but the book really needs the reader to take their time and savor each chapter along with the book of The Bible that it addresses.  I plan on going back and doing just that.  The chapters are written like a conversaion between the reader and God.  The reader asks God some questions about the book then God goes on to answer the questions and tells the reader what He intended for us to learn from that particular book. At first I was put off a bit by some of the questions that Larry Crabb was asking but when I thought about it they were the exact questions that I had at times.   Crabb tried to make this book accessable to everyone and thus making the Bible accessable to every one.  I read this book as part of Thomas Nelson's Blog reviewer progam found at http://booksneeze.com/blogger

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