Saturday, October 14, 2023

The Jade Talisman by Alanna Mackenzie

A talisman. A song. A gift that bends time, and alters the course of destiny itself. It is the year 2762 in the Empire of Khalendar, and AI Masters rule the civilized world, striving to crush all dissent. But they have not yet managed to quell the Jade Rebellion or its leader, Walter Saltanetska. The rebels have sailed beyond the Empire’s borders to the infamous isle of Vei’arash. Their mission is to find animal spirits exiled long ago by the AI Masters, and return them to the mainland. With any luck, the spirits will strengthen the fading magical powers of their allies, the Western Mages, and join the battle against their oppressive rulers. As the rebels plunge deeper into the jungle, physical laws are upended. The plants and animals of the rainforest are inextricably linked to divine beings. An ancient shaman-god entrusts Walter with the Jade Talisman, an enchanted gemstone that warps the basic rules of time and space. The Talisman allows Walter to gaze into a mesmerizing labyrinth of future possibilities. But the visions it offers up are troublingly dark, giving Walter insight into the potential fates of himself and his loved ones. This gift proves to be a crushing burden, and Walter desperately longs for an ordinary life. But there is no going back… The gripping sequel to The Jade Rebellion, The Jade Talisman explores whether nature and spirituality are capable of persevering in a world dominated by the cold logic of artificial intelligence. My Take: This book is a great followup to the first book and it follows Walter as he tries to save nature from the AI Masters. It is very up close and personal this time and you feel like you are with Walter as he goes about his business of meeting the elders in the small villages. this series is a wake up call to us about what could happen if we aren't vigilant with AI. I received a review copy from Lola's Book tours and was not required to write a psotive review.

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