Saturday, October 14, 2023

The Jade Labyrinth by Alana Mackenzie

This is my post during the blog tour for The Jade Labyrinth by Alanna Mackenzie . In The Jade Labyrinth a young rebel leader undertakes a perilous mission to reprogram the artificially intelligent rulers of a colonial empire, traversing through hostile landscapes and braving grueling mental and physical challenges. This blog tour is organized by Lola's Blog Tours and the tour runs from 2 till 15 October. You can see the tour schedule here: b log-tour-the-jade-labyrinth-by- alanna-mackenzie The Jade Labyrinth (The Jade Chronicles #3) By Alanna Mackenzie Genre: Science Fiction/ Fantasy Age category: Young Adult Release Date: 12 September, 2023 Blurb: A meeting. A maze. A perilous journey back to an Empire on the edge of chaos. Walter Saltanetska, leader of the Jade Rebellion, is nearly ready to return to the heart of the AI-ruled Empire that has branded him a treasonous fugitive. His mandate is clear: to reprogram the AI Masters before their earth-destroying habits spiral out of control. First, he must brave gruelling training in a land fraught with danger—rugged mountains haunted by spirits, a parched desert patrolled by watchful drones, and a labyrinthine cave guarded by armed robots. As his physical, mental, and magical abilities are tested by harrowing encounters, Walter must work to resist forces that threaten to destabilize his mission. The biggest threat he faces is not one he encounters along the course of his journey, but one that originates within him. Walter returns to the Empire’s capital in a mind-altering disguise that proves to be a double-edged sword. Drawing him closer to a soul mate who rekindles his admiration for the AI Masters, it also distances Walter from the human emotions that sparked his desire to join the Rebellion. In his final showdown with the AI Masters, Walter must keep his mind under control, or risk jeopardizing the mission that he and his allies are counting on to reverse a looming tidal wave of destruction. The thrilling third installment in The Jade Chronicles, The Jade Labyrinth weaves dystopian science-fiction with high fantasy while exploring an essential subject: the perils and promise of artificial intelligence. Links: - Goodreads: alanna-mackenzie - Amazon: - Barnes & Noble: ean=2940185922385 Earlier books in the series: The Jade Rebellion: The Jade Talisman: About the Author: Alanna Mackenzie lives in Vancouver, Canada. She holds degrees in History, French studies, and Law from the University of British Columbia. An environmentalist at heart, she believes in using the law as a tool for social and environmental change. When she is not pursuing that passion, she can be found brainstorming the next chapter in her novels, playing Irish fiddle tunes on the violin, and hiking West Coast trails. Author links: - Website: - Facebook: - Twitter: - Goodreads: - Amazon: Giveaway There is a tour wide giveaway for the blog tour of The Jade Labyrinth. One winner wins copies of the following three books: The Jade Rebellion, The Jade Talisman and The Jade Labyrinth. For a chance to win, enter the rafflecopter below: a Rafflecopter giveaway

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