Sunday, July 20, 2014

Audio Book Discussion 4

What do you do while you listen? Any particular tasks or games that you find amazing for audio time?

 I find that I am like many other audio book fans.  I listen while I drive to work.  Since we live in the country and basically have to drive 1/2 to go into Lancaster I usually have an hour whenever I go anywhere.  I have about a 35-45 minute drive to work four days a week so that is about an hour and a half a day .  I listen occasionally while I am on the computer if I am really caught up in a book.  I don't listen often while I do housework but I have started doing it more.  I always listen for at least a half an hour before I go to sleep.  I make sure it is something that doesn't have to much action to it.  That does the opposite of what I want which is to relax.  I have played Candy Crush Saga while listening a few times but there again I was really into the book. 

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