Thursday, September 13, 2012

Birthday Party Murder by Leslie Meier

Birthday Party Murder (A Lucy Stone Mystery, #9)
Birthday Party Murder by Leslie Meier

 The whole town of Tinker’s Cove is looking forward to the celebration marking former librarian Julia Ward Howe Tilley’s ninetieth birthday. Lucy Stone, Miss Tilley’s closest friend, dreamed up the party idea—at about the same time she decided she’s not getting old without a fight.

That sounds like a plan—until Lucy realizes her daughter’s fourteenth birthday bash, a coed sleepover, may turn her hair white overnight. What was she thinking when she agreed to let Sara have the party? On her mind, instead, was the shocking death of Sherman Cobb, the town’s oldest attorney, an apparent suicide. His law partner, however, thinks Sherman was murdered.

Poking about in Sherman’s papers, Lucy turns up an intriguing tie between the dead man and Miss Tilley. Meanwhile Miss Tilley’s own past has come back to haunt her in the form of a mysterious niece named Shirley and a biker great nephew named Snake. Soon no one can get to see the elderly librarian because the brash, bossy Shirley says she’s “failing.” Now, as a killer’s ruthless plan rushes toward a conclusion, Lucy needs answers fast—or else she and Miss Tilley won’t live long enough to make a wish and blow out the candles on this year’s birthday cake…

My Take:  I really had a hard time liking this book.  That is probably the reason that it took me so long to read it.  I started out liking this series alot and then it seems that I like it less and less with each new book.  I really question the main characters parenting skills at times.  Like letting her 14 year old have a co-ed sleepover.  But that isn't the reason I had a hard time with this book.  I think it was because it mainly revolved around one of my least liked characters  Miss Tilley.  For some reason I just haven't warmed up to this character and I had a hard time being sympathetic toward her.  I had this one figured out along time before the end and when that happens I get frustrated with the characters in the book because I feel like it is as plain as the nose on your face so why are they being so dense?  
I will continue reading this series because I keep hoping I will get that spark back.  I love cozies and like to read books in series.  
You could read this book by itself but I think the earlier books are so much better.  
This book was taken from my personal library.  

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