Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I had fun participating in some challenges this past year and have decided to join a few this year also.

I am going to try for Level one and finish one series

I am going to try and finish the Lucy Stone Sereis by Leslie Meier
Birthday Party Murder
Father's Day Murder
Star Spangled Murder
New Year's Eve Murder
Bake Sale Murder
St. Patrick's Day Murder
Mother's Day Murder
Wicked Witch Murder
That's a total of 8 books

I am going to try for level 2 in this one.  If I get the above challenge done I will have this in the bag.

Just for Fun Challenge.  Just read one book just for fun.

I really need to do this challenge.  I have so many books I get for my kindle that just sit there
I am going to try for the Level 1

I read alot of Historical Fiction so this should be a breeze
I am going for level 2

I need to do this one  Level 2

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  1. Welcome to both the series and cozy challenges! I hope you have fun with them. I love the Leslie Meier books and really need to get back to them.


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