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Book Spotlight - Closet by Eric Swanson

About Eric Swanson

Eric SwansonEric graduated from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago with a MDIV degree. After Eric graduated he went on several short term mission trips and even applied for some long term missionary assignments. Eric also felt lead to seek out a job in a church setting, but the door for both domestic and international long term service was closed.
Eric went through a time of wondering what his next step should be. He was encouraged on one short term missionary trip that his writing skills could be used to glory God and thus went to pursue a career in writing. His novel CLOSET is his first book and is currently looking for a way to get his second novel published with the potential title of OUTCAST.
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About Closet

ClosetDerek is a struggling seminary graduate and turns to the occult after receiving multiple rejections from various churches. But this opens a portal to a demonic dimension that a local witch uses to take his mentally disabled son and wife into. Now Derek must enter a demonic world to save the ones he loves with the aid of the Holy Spirit, who shows up in seven different human forms depending on the situation. Along the way Derek finds out what really matters in life after coming to terms with his own weaknesses. But will he do this in time to save his family? Will his wife still love Derek or will she be lost forever in darkness? Will Derek save his wife in time to find his son before he gets sacrificed in a demonic ceremony?

Book Excerpt:

Chapter 1
“This seems like an interesting title for a book, ‘Secrets to Having a Life that Matters,’ I think I’ll pick it up.” John looked inside the book as he stood in the aisle of the local bookstore located in downtown area of Skunk Creek. The sound of snowmobiles could be heard over the sound of a shovel scrapping snow off the sidewalk in front as they made their way to the local tavern near the railroad tracks located a few blocks away.
“What book did you pick up now? It seems like the colder it gets the more you tend to read. You realize that we have a baby to consider now.” Megan made her way to John with Derek in a portable car seat all bundled up in his blue stocking cap with many warm blankets, looking around his new surroundings. Megan stood on her toes as she attempted in vain to glance over the shoulder of her husband with her shoulder length blonde hair brushing against her husband’s neck. “So, who wrote the book? Is it written by someone you read before?”
“Actually I never heard of the author or the publishing house, but the concept looks interesting. You know I could be spending our money on snowmobiles, beer and smokes, so in light of that I’m actually saving us money.”
“You should have gone into politics.” John could see Megan’s eyes roll upward as he turned to face her. She still had the baby in one hand and now placed the other on her hip.
“Did I ever tell you how attractive you look carrying Derek around like that?” John had a sparkle in his eye as he made his way toward Megan. The sound of the snowmobiles had past and now there was only the scrapping of the shovel outside.
“Save it for later.” Megan’s eyes started to burn a hole in his soul, but just then Derek started to squirm in his portable car seat and Megan went to look down to see how their baby was doing. “We really need to start a budget. I’m sure getting a book once in awhile doesn’t seem like a big deal, but eventually it adds up. Besides I don’t know the author and it seems like it was written by someone in the area. The Wiccans are getting more and more popular around here. Not everything is worthwhile to read.”
“You’re right of course. I don’t plan on getting any more books for awhile. Besides it’s very cheap, I think we can manage it. Hopefully the weather will get warmer soon so I can get back to doing some mason work. It has been a long dry spell, but I’m sure things will get better in a month.” John went to pay for his book with Megan and Derek along his side. Megan’s hands were starting to get wet, her throat was dry and she could hear blood pulsating in her ear as John laid down the money.
It was a short walk down the sidewalk now clear of snow and around the corner to the parking lot in back. The sun was out after the slight dusting the other night, but it added no warmth to the cold north wind that was blowing across a white landscape that seemed devoid of life with the exception of a few farmhouses out in the distance. The wind cut through the jeans that John and Megan were wearing, sending what felt like ice cubes going down flesh. They both walked in silence, yearning to get into the warm interior of their car. John held on to Megan when they encountered a few patches of ice and once the car was started, strapped Derek into his car seat.

Giveaways, Contests & Prizes!

In celebration of Eric Swanson’s book tour, he will be appearing at Pump Up Your Book’s 1st Annual Holiday Extravaganza Facebook Party on December 16. More than 50 books, gifts and cash awards will be given away including an e- copy of Closet! Visit the official party page here!

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