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The Face of God by Bill Myers

About Bill Myers

Writer/director Bill Myers’s first major success was as co-creator/writer/co-producer of Focus on the Family’s children’s video series, McGee and Me (40 awards, broadcast in 80 countries, 4.5 million books and videos sold). On its heels he wrote the My Life as… series (over 2.1 million books sold).

Other successes include his teen series, Forbidden Doors (winner of the C.S. Lewis Honor Award), and his best selling adult novels, Blood of Heaven, Fire of Heaven, Eli, Soul Tracker, The Face of God, and The Wager (also a motion picture staring Randy Travis). As a writer/director, his work has won over 60 national and international awards, and as an actor he was the voice of Jesus in the NIV Audio Bible and has made several guest appearances on Adventures in Odyssey. His books and videos have sold over 8 million copies.

He holds an honorary doctorate from The Nimes Theological Institute in France where he has taught. He enjoys traveling and lecturing as well as serving as lay college pastor for his church.

He lives with his wife and two daughters in Southern California.

You can visit his website at

About The Face of God

“THE TERRORIST has learned of supernatural stones used by the Old Testament High Priests to hear the audible voice of God. As the mastermind of a deadly plot that will soon kill millions, he has had a series of dreams instructing him to find the stones. Everything else is in place. The wrath of God is poised and ready to be unleashed. All that is stopping him is . . .

THE PASTOR. His wife has been murdered and his faith is crumbling before his very eyes. With his estranged son, he also searches for the stones in hopes they will rekindle his dying faith and love.

With the lives of millions hanging in the balance, these two men of opposing faiths collide in an unforgettable showdown. “The Face of God” is another thrilling and thought-provoking novel by a master of the heart and suspense, C.S. Lewis Honor Award winner, Bill Myers.”

Here’s what critics are saying about The Face of God!

“Strong writing, edgy, and made for movies sensibilities categorize this thriller from veteran author and film director, Myers. The story is replete with action and the book admirably avoids an implausibly neat ending. Myers’s popular reputation and the book’s link to current events will likely woo readers.”
– Publisher’s Weekly

“One of the most creative minds I know.”

– Jerry Jenkins author, Left Behind

“It’s no wonder that Myers is a bestselling author. His writing is tight and quick and we identify fully with the characters who could be our family members or friends. Maybe that is why his books touch the soul.”
– The Road to Romance

You can go Here to read and except Also check out what others are saying about this book.

My take:

I like Bill Myers.  I read some of his books when my kids were younger (The Forbidden Doors series) and we all enjoyed the Mcgee and Me series. I will be looking into his  other books after having read this one.  This book was a thriller from the get go and it never let you even take a breath.  Plus it wasn't filled with profanity and sex just for the sake of those things.  (I really believe that it takes more talent to tell a story without all that stuff).  This book also had you thinking about the difference between religion and a commitment to God.  

Last year I had a first chapter peak of  his  book The God Hater.  Click on the link to go to that post.  I would suggest picking up this book and any others by Bill Myers if you want to have a thrilling time.     

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