Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mackenzie Blue Series by Tina Wells

Mackenzie BlueMackenzie Blue: The Secret CrushMackenzie Blue: Friends Forever?

The Mackenzie Blue Series by Tina Wells is a Cute series about Mackenzie Blue, a girl who is going through all the drama of life as a seventh grader at Brookdale academy. 

From mackenzieblue.com:
Mackenzie, aka Zee, is the charismatic, fashionable, pop-culture savvy, down-to-earth star of this fresh new tween fiction series that chronicles the adventures of a diverse crew of friends who try to survive middle school at the prestigious Brookdale Academy in southern California. Fun and eco-conscious, Mackenzie Blue is an upbeat break from mean-girl culture.

Overview of Book 1:

Mackenzie’s diary is stolen, and the fallout is more than anyone expected – it even threatens Zee’s chances I the Teen Sing contest. Did Kathi’s crew snag the diary? Or maybe it was her nosy brother. Or even worse, did one of Mackenzie’s friends have a hand in this?

Overview of Book 2 (Mackenzie Blue: The Secret Crush):

Zee is cast as the lead in the school musical alongside her longtime crush, Landon. Perfect! Except, her friends and family aren’t thrilled about all the time Zee spends with him. Especially not her best guy pal, Jasper. With music to write, costumes to design, and friendships to save, only one thing is clear…the show must go on.

from the publisher: Mackenzie Blue: Friends Forever

Mackenzie Blue is hitting the trails!

It's time for Brookdale Academy's camping field trip, but Zee has much more to deal with than a lesson about nature. . . .


1. My BFF, Ally, is visiting all the way from Paris! Ooh la la!

2. My friends and I are so going to win the environmental scavenger hunt!


1. We have to stay in teeny-tiny log cabins. How will we all fit?

2. The legendary (and terrifying) Mountain Man . . .

My Take: These Books were a a refreshing breath of fresh air.  They were cute and fun and I think any girl ages 8-12 would really enjoy them.  As a matter of fact my 15 year old daughter has requested to read them.  
Head over to mackenzieblue.com for alot of great stuff to do online.

Also be on the look out for the next in the series Mackenzie Blue: Mixed MessagesMackenzie Blue: Mixed Messages due out Dec. 1

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