Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Turkey Day Murder by Leslie Meier

This was a nice visit to Tinker's Cove.  This time the local Indiana tribe is trying to get recognition from the government so they can build a casino.  Curt Nolan is the local tribe leader and is not interested in the casino as he is in the museum that is suppose to be built along with it.  Lucy is looking forward to Toby coming home from college.  As it is always in this series not everyhting works out.  Toby comes home bringing three friends instead of one and Curt Nolan gets killed during the annual Thanksgiving football game. 

I really didn't have any idea who was the killer this time until it was reveiled.  There were a few curse words that were really not needed.  I thought they took away from the  story because of the shock that they just showed up.

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