Friday, April 10, 2015

TBR for April

I have been watching some videos that have been posted on youtube by mostly readers that read young adult novels.  They are called Book tubers and I got some ideas for posts. I know that some people who blog do a wrap up every month but I really don't remember seeing anyone do a to be read for the month. If you do a post like this or know of someone else who does one I apologize for not knowing this.

Even though it is almost the middle of the month I thought I would still post a TBR.

Already read this month.

Double Fudge Brownie Murder (Hannah Swensen, #18)

Bake Sale Murder (A Lucy Stone Mystery, #13)

Currently Reading

An Amish Cradle

on audio

Slayed on the Slopes

on Kindle

Rest of the month

Yarn to Go (Yarn Retreat, #1)


A Most Inconvenient Marriage


  1. The first two sound yummy hehehe

  2. Yes I always got really hungry when I read them especially the first one


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