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Audio Book Review Lethal Circuit by Lars Guignard Narrated by Ben Sullivan

Lethal Circuit by Lars Guignard and narrated by Ben Sullivan
Genre: 16+ Spy/Techno Thriller
Length: 340 pages, audiobook 8 1/2 hours Publication Date: Audiobook released 8/8/13Available Audio from 
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From Best-selling Amazon author Lars Guignard comes the number-one turbo-charged, action spy thriller Lethal Circuit
A Chinese satellite is on a crash course with Earth.  

It contains enough plutonium to irradiate a large city. 

And that's the good news...

Michael Chase is a twenty-six year old backpacker, a recent college graduate, an amateur. He flew to Hong Kong to find his missing father. Four hours later, he's running for his life. The Chinese Secret Police want him dead. The Conspiracy wants him dead. And the one person who he thinks is on his side, may want him dead too. If Michael is going to live, he'll need to find a hidden piece of Nazi technology lost since World War II. And he'll have to do it before anyone else. Because if he doesn't, a little plutonium is going to be the least of his problems.

Can Michael Chase team up with a beautiful but deadly MI6 agent to locate a lethal piece of Nazi technology that will save the world?

If you can't get enough of the action of Lee Child and Vince Flynn, the intrigue of Robert Ludlum, and the adventure of Clive Cussler and James Rollins, you are going to LOVE Lethal Circuit!

 About the Author:

Lars Guignard is a former film and television writer and a graduate of both McGill University and the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. His debut thriller novel, Lethal Circuit, has been
an amazon top 100 Technothriller since its release.
Guignard has wanted to write Indian stories for kids ever since he attended a boarding school in the majestic Himalayas. The time he spent in the “school above the clouds” affected him
profoundly, and once he returned home to North America he was struck by the lack of children’s stories from India available in our culture. Since India is such an incredible country, he decided
to write a series of action adventure books for young adults about India to introduce young readers to this magical, mystical land. So if you’re looking for a great book adventure for kids, try Ghost Leopard today!

My Take:  This book was action packed from beginning to the end.  Sometimes I struggle with spy novels but this one kept my attention and had me guessing about what was going to happen next.  What do Nazi germans, chinese and have to do with each other?  Quite a bit it turns out.  You will also be wondering what twist this book will take next as you listen to this book.

Audio notes:  I thought that this book was narrated fairly well by the narrator Ben Sullivan but I think that the editing of the audio wasn't that great.  There were times when you could clearly hear that parts were edited and the narration didn't flow seamlessly.  At times it sounded as if this book was being read by two separate people when only Mr. Sullivan is the narrator.  It was distracting at times but the story is strong enough to overcome this and you will continue listening so you can find out what happens.

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I was provided a review copy of this audio book from Candance's Book Blog Tours in exchange for my honest opinion.


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