Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dining with the Dollar Diva

Dining with the Dollar Diva: Divalicious Recipes with Ingredients Costing a Dollar or Less

Dining with the Dollar Diva by Elizabeth Fisher

I received a copy of this book through Netgalley.com

About the book from Amazon.com:
This cookbook contains "divalicious" recipes created with ingredients that cost one dollar or less. Author Elizabeth Fisher is a regular mom who is a wiz at creating exquisite menus and dining experiences at economical prices. Each recipe is accompanied by an interesting story about how that recipe came to be created. Most ingredients can be found at your local dollar store or in the dollar section in your local supermarket. This is the first book in the Dollar Diva series.

About the Author from Amazon.com
Elizabeth Fisher is a single mother of two adult sons, Marques, and her "adopted" son, Harold. She loves to cook and eat, and prays that everyone enjoys this book as much as she enjoyed writing it. She is known for her annual July 4th get together, which she has hosted for over twenty years. The party has grown from grilling a few burgers to a neighborhood block party event entertaining up to one hundred people.

This book was very informative and a great idea maker.  It is full of great recipes that can be made just from a few ingrediants to make a wonderful meal.  I love books that give me practical advice on things that I can use in my everyday life.

In this economic climate this is a great book for every one.  This book will help you save money no matter the size of your family.   

I can't wait to see what the rest of series holds. 

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