Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hot by Laura L. Smith

Hot: A Novel

Hot by Laura L. Smith

from Goodreads: Lindsey feels alone, like no one truly understands her. That is, until she meets Noah, who possesses a calm self-assuredness that Lindsey craves. But what price will she pay to escape to the comfort of Noah’s soft words and strong arms?

This novel uses the power of story to challenge teens to discover the relevance of faith. Young adults will identify with Lindsey’s feelings of insecurity and uncertainty. Promoting a personal trust in God, this story awakens the imagination through personal discovery, dynamic characters, and unexpected plot twists.

My Take:  I thought this was a good book to open up discussion between parents and teenage girls (and boys to a point) about finding your self worth inside your self and not on the outside or from someone else.  Definitely a book needs to be read by the parents first then discussed when the teen is done reading it.  

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