Thursday, June 20, 2013

Audio Book Week Thursday Discussion Post

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Thursday's Discussion Question for Audio Book week as hosted by Jen at

What do you do while you listen? Any particular tasks or games that you find amazing for audio time?

As I have been reading everyone Else's  post on this subject I find that I am like many other audio book fans.  I listen while I drive to work.  Since we live in the country and basically have to drive 1/2 to go into Lancaster I usually have an hour whenever I go anywhere.  I have about a 35-45 minute drive to week four days a week so that is about an hour and a half a day  plus I have started babysitting my granddaughter so I have another 2 hours a week taking her back to her mom.  I listen occasionally while I am on the computer if I am really caught up in a book.  I don't listen often while I do housework but I have started doing it more.  I always listen for at least a half an hour before I go to sleep.  I make sure it is something that doesn't have to much action to it.  That does the opposite of what I want which is to relax.  I have played Candy Crush Saga while listening a few times but there again I was really into the book. 


  1. I listen while I fall asleep. I put on a sleep-timer. :)

  2. Yup! Driving! I don't know what I'll do in the fall when my commute goes away but I'll just have to get creative with my listening time. Probably while working out post baby!


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